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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lost with "Lost"

The wife (resident techie wizard for all things computer related) recently hooked us up to Pandora TV. Now we're able to view the streaming videos available from Netflix on our new tube. So I'm able to watch some TV shows I'd miss due to refusing cable or satellite hookup.

The number one show for me right now is "Lost". Boy is that thing weird. I'm in the middle of season three and have absolutely NO idea where this thing goes.

The wife has read the synopsis for each season so she's several steps ahead of me and loving it.

Thats okay. Once I've seen all 120 episodes available, I'll rent The Prisoner.

That ought to take the starch out of her shorts. She wants "twisted", I'll give her "twisted".


MightyMom said...

Just so long as it's NOT a Twilight Zone marathon on New Year's!! :-)

For the record so there won't be confusion, it's a Sony Google smart TV (we LOVE IT) with both Pandora Internet Radio (hey where else can he listen to Gordon Lighhtfoot non stop?) and Netflix TV

Jordan said...

Oh, boy. I watched all of it from the beginning, and trust me, it gets even weirder and crazier. Trust me, by the last season you won't know what to think.

Enjoy! I hope neither of you get bored with the constant stream of new mysteries—for every one they unravel, you'll get two new ones, right up until the last season! ;)

Jordan said...

And The Prisoner… I compliment you on your good taste, sir.

Subvet said...

Jordan, thanks for the warning about how weird it gets. I'm now starting season #4 and have just seen Hurley get sent back to the asylum while Sayid works as a hitman for Ben. Yep, it just gets stranger as it progresses.

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