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Saturday, March 24, 2012

I'm back.

Okay, I'm back. The surgery went well, my in-home rehab is currently underway and everything in that respect looks positively hunky-dorey. My thanks to all who wished me well in their comments.

It was kind of nice, part of the recovery involved a week at a rehab hospital in a private room (do they have open bay, "barracks style" wards anymore?). So I had sole control of the TV and spent most of the time watching old "Law & Order" episodes and the Food Channel. I spent time watching Fox News also but that was my sole contact with the day-to-day insanity going on in the world. Nice break from reality, eh?

Life has been plugging along as usual despite my absence. I see one of the latest flaps involves a black teen shot dead in Florida by a seemingly self anointed neighborhood watch captain of Hispanic descent. All the usual suspects, e.g. Farrakhan, Jackson, are out trying to incite a full blown civil war along racial lines. They'd best be careful, one of these days they'll succeed in doing just that and will discover what goes around really does come back around. Just ask Maximilien Robespierre.

Israel seems ready to bomb the batsnot out of Iran, for some strange reason the Jews aren't telling our government much. Gee, wonder why?


I was interested to see how the Rally For Religious Freedom would play out both here in Dallas, TX and the rest of the nation. It seems there was a decent but not especially strong turnout throughout the country, enough participants so some news coverage would be warranted. But from what I've heard and seen this will be another case of the MSM ignoring an event to the best of their ability. Fox News and EWTN have given it some air time but let's face it, EWTN has a small base of supporters and Fox News has been so routinely denigrated and demonized by this Administration and it's supporters that those watching Fox are most likely the same ones who were at the rallies.

Once again I'm reminded of "1984", i.e. "Those who control the present control the past. Those who control the past control the future."

Thank God for blogs and the alternative media.


Today I checked the mail and found a letter from the Dept. of Health & Human Services. It seems I've been selected to participate in a study concerning family life, marriage and divorce, having and raising children, health and health care. It's supposed to be used to improve health services and health education programs.

I'm paranoid and admit it. Not only that, I've been reading some literature lately (IBM and The Holocaust) that shows just how statistical data can be misused. So right now I'm torn between answering all their silly-assed questions when the interviewers show up at my door or just telling them to take a hike because I don't want to play.

I'll probably have them interview me just to see what questions they'll ask. But has anyone who now reads this post received a similar letter? Just wondering.


Adrienne said...

Glad to have you and your new knee back. Wow - a whole week of being waited on. What luxury!

I haven't received a HHS thingy, but if I did it would hit the wastebasket post haste.

Rick said...

Welcome back chief.

No I didn't get the invite.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Sub, sorry I didn't know that you were going to under go surgery, as I have been out of the loop for awhile myself, while my apartment (and the entire complex) undergoes a huge remodeling job. I have been staying at one of my sons home due to the noise and saw dust all day long. I have just returned to my apartment, but may have to leave again in May or June, when they have to come in a do the bathroom and kitchen.

I am glad that you made it through the surgery and are on the mend. God Bless.

ignorant redneck said...

You're back, and I'm glad.

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