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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Next Up: Kristallnacht Redux...

And here's the story:

Okay ladies and gentlemen, just how far down this road do we go until we find the concentration camps set up and running? Seriously, how much further does this go? We've got a viable candidate for the GOP Presidential nomination who is just this side of anti-Semitic (Martin Luther King: "So know also this: anti-Zionist is inherently antisemitic, and ever will be so.").

We've got a Chief Executive who has enthusiastically scaled back our support of the only trustworthy ally we have in the Middle East.

How much more do we need before it's enough?

I ask this as someone who knows enough history that he recognizes how fallible humans can be, how easily we find ourselves in a place we'd never plan to go.

When Patton & his troops liberated Buchenwald concentration camp he was so enraged by what he saw that the entire nearby town of Weimar was forced to walk through the camp before it was cleaned up. Time and again the citizens would say, "We didn't know." In an even more dramatic followup to a camp visit, the mayor of the town of Ohrdruf committed suicide, along with his wife, after General Walton Walker ordered the people of the town to visit a sub-camp of Buchenwald near Ohrdruf.

Do yah think they might have been in major denial of what was going on there? Maybe we're headed the same damned way.

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ignorant redneck said...

Under the Obama Regime we have seen the government wind up it's official interest in religious freedom, suport for the Muslim Brotherhood, salafists, and other Islamic extremists, and an huge erosion of support for Israel.

We have also seen an erosion of Jewish support for the Democratic Party.

It's going to be very Ecumenical in the camps, with Catholics, Evangelicals, Fundamentalists and Conservative and Orthodox Jews all in it together.

It'll fail the diversity test though--there won't be any Gays, socialists, professors etc. there.

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