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Monday, December 19, 2011

Killer flu developed? Ehh no problemo, what could possibly go wrong?

When I first read of this I wondered if someone was pulling some chain. No such luck. Here's the story:

If you've read Stephen King's "The Stand" you know where my thinking goes. Nope, I don't see Randall Flagg appearing any time soon. But this is bad enough that he doesn't need to make a showing. Take a look around you on a normal day and envision 60% of the people you come into contact with suddenly dying. BTW, there is NO guarantee you, me, or our families will survive either. Think "Black Plague" level of mortality here.

Just one minor question here, "WHO THE HELL THOUGHT DEVELOPING THIS WAS SUCH A GOOD IDEA?" The article states that it was brought about to insure a vaccine could be developed to counter it. What kind of bassackwards logic was used here anyway?

IAW the Bible, the Tower of Babel insured the demise of civilization due to the pride & arrogance of mankind. I think we're at that point again.


Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

This is what happens when people with too much time on their hands have been given too much money to do foolish things!

Jessica said...

I wonder if this is what people felt like at the height of the Depression or World War I or II - despair at the future and what it holds. All we can do is partake of the Sacraments on a regular basis and hope for eternity spent with God.

Anthony S. Layne said...

Something Elizabeth Scalia wrote recently comes to mind: "They need to have their heads banged together until the stupid falls out."

That's progress for you. Science: finding new and creative ways to wipe out the species. Hubris is only a problem for people who believe in God.

Subvet said...

Steve, too much time, too much money, no damned decency or common sense!

Subvet said...

Ranter, I dunno. I recall reading a lot of post WWI stuff that assumed we'd do ourselves in with biological or chemical warfare. Maybe thats how it will end up. You're right about partaking of the Sacraments and hoping for God's mercy.

Subvet said...

Anthony, ah yup. It took advanced formal education to make the justification of this idiocy possible. Good argument for Luddites I guess. God have mercy on us all.

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THIS is depressing!!
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