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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A simple pleasure...

The Wife: "Now why does that not surprise me?"

Me: "What?"

The Wife: "I returned that call and theres a voice message saying they don't accept blocked calls."

Time for a little background information, sorry about that.

The wife now works from home, perfoming pediatric phone triage for those doctors signing up for the service with her company. It doesn't pay as well as the hospital, but it's steady with no work cancellations (increasingly common at the last hospital where she worked). So the money can be counted on, she's home at night, gets to see more of the kids and have more to do with them. I continue on, playing the male version of Donna Reed (no pearl necklace) or Mister Mom if you prefer. Whatever.

So on the night in question a mom had left a message with the answering service that the oncall rep from her doctor's office was to call back IMMEDIATELY! Achtung to you too, baby.

The above exchange between the better half and myself was what transpired when she tried returning the call. As sure as God made little green apples, when someone refuses to accept a blocked call it's a potential setup for the dingbat to consider the wife her personal medical "go to" rep from now until death do they part.

We return you now to the aforementioned conversation;

Me: "Since they don't accept blocked calls, just call them with my cell phone. They'll get my number and I've no problem telling someone to pack sand."

The Wife: "You got it!"

Me: "Hell, just do it anytime you want and let me know afterwards. I'll enjoy the conversations."

The Wife: "I know."

So now I've something to look forward to, i.e. antagonizing various dingbats calling for cheap medical advice for their kids and themselves. What are they going to do? Send me to sea on a submarine? BFD, DILLIGAF, LAMDILLIGAF.

It's life's little pleasures that make a day worth getting out of bed for.


Old Bob said...

Fun post! Thanks!
I don't quite get LAM: "Look at me" maybe?
Sometimes I use DILLIGAFRA.

Subvet said...

Old Bob, "Look at me" is exactly what it means! Thanks for stopping by.

Jordan said...

People who don't accept blocked calls are at most a couple of rungs up from people who dial from blocked numbers and don't leave a message in terms of "most annoying people to have to call". :)

Also, I had no idea what any of those acronyms meant—thank you Google, my cussing vocabulary is significantly expanded! Wow! What does the "RA" mean?

Subvet said...

Jordan, I've never had to deal with anyone who would call from a blocked number and fail to leave a message. If I did I'd probably think it was a telemarketer and therefore of no consequence.

"RA" would mean "rat's ass"!

Thanks for stopping by, your comments ARE appreciated not only here but in my other posts. Lately I've been too busy to reply but believe me, it's refreshing to have someone disagree with me and NOT call me everything but a child of God!

Now I've got to get back to playing "Mr. Mom".

Jordan said...

So today I told someone I didn't give an RA, and they did that whole thing where they turn their head sideways and look at you like you just grew a third eye.

Conclusion: either I'm doing it wrong, or I'm just not cool enough for acronyms. :(

And thank you for being welcoming, Subvet, I really appreciate it. Our life experiences couldn't be more different, but your sense of humour cracks me up!

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