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Thursday, October 06, 2011

On "Occupy Wall Street" and a possible outcome...

Adrienne posted on the Wall Street idiocy that is growing across the nation. Here is her take on it:

In the wrap up she notices the predictions of violence from various sources and asks who the nitwits will battle since Tea Party type conservatives won't play. That got my wheels spinning in their paranoid fashion.

Who will the dingbats get violent with? Well the police will do for starters.

If you're middle aged you probably remember when being a cop had a certain appeal to honor, integrity, courage, sacrifice. All the civic virtues many of us grew up to respect & admire.

But since the late 60's the police officers of this nation have been vilified, denigrated, held up for scorn & ridicule on a continuous nonstop basis. If you're around my age (59) you may put all of that into the mental circular file, knowing that it's pure unadulterated bullshit. To be a cop DOES still entail a lot of admirable virtues.

But if you're in Generation X or beyond you don't have that frame of reference we Baby Boomers do. You've probably been brought up to expect cops to be violent, crooked, lying abusers of John & Joan Q. Public.

So when the morons presently occupying Wall St. and other financial districts across the nation start mixing it up with the cops, we'll see some heavily edited videos appearing on YouTube, Facebook, etc. If you've guessed they won't be flattering to anyone wearing the blue, go to the head of the class.

The outrage over supposed thuggish Brownshirt tactics will mushroom, soon the fools presently protesting will be joined by any/all of the following: SEIU, New Black Panthers, Code Pink, and a whole slew of other fools that we're all familiar with but I can't bring to mind right now.

It won't make a rat's patoot how many other videos show the cops actually using restraint in their response. Too many people believe only what they want to. Many of them are college educated respected members of the community. Just remember some of the scares we've had over the years. Those scares would include avian flu, swine flu, Y2K, etc. Common sense really isn't too common.

The protests will grow, more videos will surface, soon police stations will be attacked. The response will (again) appear on the various outlets already mentioned.

The Executive Branch of the Federal Government gets involved, declaring martial law throughout the land. The Internet will be heavily monitored for seditious postings, all suspect groups will be put under a microscope.

But in the fashion we've seen since 9/11/01, those groups WON'T be the ones most folk would associate with starting this violence. Instead, we'll see all the ones mentioned some time back in the Homeland Security memo that went to all police departments across the nation. I'm sure you remember, it was the one describing "right wing terrorists" being recruited from religious groups, those supporting limited government, supporters of the 2nd Amendment, and veterans.

So the clampdown will start. Any criticism of "Dear Leader" or his policies will be dealt with swiftly. Those portions of the MSM still allowed to function will give the nation it's daily dose of propaganda/news.

Just as Goldstein in "1984" and Snowball in "Animal Farm" became the scapegoats that never die, so we'll see another such figure emerge from the rewritten recent history of our nation. G.W. Bush may want to move overseas soon.

Don't look for the military to step in, their top ranks are firmly in the pocket of this administration. The weeding out of malcontents is being accomplished by the repeal of DADT and open-armed embrace of active homosexuals. A further weakening has been accomplished (though unintentionally) by the troops serving multiple tours in two war fronts under completely asinine Rules of Engagement. These rules have included among other things the ban against bombing any congregation of enemy combatants in a cemetery. This is done out of "respect" for the Muslims. My ass! That is just one of many such idiocies our armed forces work under.

So who will stand and protect John & Joan Q. Public? Go look in the mirror and while doing that, reach down and find the biggest, hairiest "set" you have. You're gonna need them.

Now granted this all could be just the rantings of a middle-aged paranoid retired sub sailor who spent one too many times diving into a bottle of booze. But given how things have gone for the past 40-50 years, how unlikely is this scenario?


Fuzzy Slippers said...

How unlikely? Not sure yet, but it's certainly not impossible (or even improbable). I suspect, at this time, that the admin is simply trying to get reelected, but I've long-thought that totalitarian control was the ultimate goal, so maybe this is the short-cut? We'll have to see how it plays out and start figuring out exactly what we're going to do in terms of resistance (certainly NOT joining the mob of madness).

Anthony S. Layne said...

I read Adrienne's column. Earlier, I read a post on Creative Minority Report on "Planned Parenthood's War Against Science", and have been reflecting on much of the comments you can see on any column or blog post on abortion or same-sex marriage. And I can't help thinking but that the leftist seeds that Abbie Hoffman et al. planted in the late '60s and early '70s are finally starting to bloom.

A lot of the rioters you see are college-age kids, but they haven't been taught to think — they've simply been taught how to shout slogans, browbeat their opponents and shut their ears to anything approaching reasonable debate. The whole idea of academic freedom and free exchange of ideas has been slowly eroding over the last forty years, and now I fear it's in the midst of a cascade failure.

Sic transit gloria mundi. Get ready for the final collapse of the Western world.

ignorant redneck said...

My two most liberal correspondents--one of whom is a PhD from Madison Wisc--are appaled by these freaks

RandomThoughts said...

I was going to post basically what Anthony S. Layne said, "A lot of the rioters you see are college-age kids, but they haven't been taught to think — they've simply been taught how to shout slogans, browbeat their opponents and shut their ears to anything approaching reasonable debate."

Yesterday I experienced this firsthand on Facebook, with a fellow whose methodology was snarling angrily and mindlessly at everyone else, then backing it up with "I go to ---- University therefore I'm smarter than all of you." He even dragged in his GPA and major as though that validated his lack of ignorance. It went on far too long, and he truly believed that the "new world" (his words) was built around shouting down all arguments.

It's frankly scary; they're out there, in large numbers and hellbent on mindless aggressive protests. I see no limit to what they will do, because they are amoral, often atheistic, and will acknowledge no restrictions upon their own behavior.

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