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Sunday, October 30, 2011

How did this scumsucker make parole?

Found this at;

Mentally challenged can be “walking targets”

by Jared Yee

A horrifying story from Philadelphia has brought to light the complexity of the issue of autonomy. Paroled murderer Linda Ann Weston dragged several mentally challenged adults along to Social Security offices to sign off as their representative payee – someone who helps manage their monthly benefits of between US$600 and $900, authorities say. Weston, previously found mentally unfit to stand trial, was arrested after her Philadelphia landlord found 4 starving, mentally disabled adults in a basement crawl space, one chained to a boiler. They also found her burned, severely abused teenage niece trapped in a closet. Since then, police have learned that another disabled woman died under Weston’s supervision in Virginia, of severe malnutrition and meningitis.

The case shows the vulnerability of the disabled if family and friends do not protect them. One expert says their Social Security cheques lure predators. “Anyone with a cognitive impairment is a walking target,” for Social Security fraud, said Nora Baladerian, a Los Angeles-based clinical psychologist who works with disabled victims of crime. “It's not just the money. It's sexual abuse. It's physical assault.”

While such crimes are shocking, and neighbours attempt to get authorities involved when they suspect wrongdoing, fraud and abuse can continue for years. Police are often reluctant to pursue crimes involving disabled because they have difficulty communicating with them, Baladerian says. However, she argues that shouldn’t be an obstacle. “It's no more of a challenge than dealing with elder abuse or children, who have difficulty talking like adults,” she said. “And you're a cop. You can go to Social Security and see who's cashing that check.” ~ AP, Oct 22

(End of story, my comments follow.)

IMO this two legged walking waste of human flesh should be made a poster child for the death penalty. A "paroled murderer"? Hello!! Hey MacFly, anyone home in there? WTF is she doing walking the streets unsupervised to the point of being able to imprison helpless humans?

Being the father of two autistic children really has me pay attention to these stories. I'll stop ranting now, my blood pressure meds aren't up to this.


ignorant redneck said...

This story sickened me. First, that a person with her history was able to have the freedom of action to do it, and second that the families of the victims weren't around enough to protect them.

This is a two fold failure, one of the penal system, and two of the American Family. It's a fact that this was a black person preying on black people, and the family is in tatters among certain segments of the Black community--and it's about there among the analogous--that is to say the multi-generational impoverished and government dependent segment-- of the poor white trash segment. This is how government handouts and welfare are destroying the fabric of our society.

Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Years ago, people who were found not guilty by reason of insanity were not allowed to roam freely. They were kept in a insane asylum for years until the doctors were pretty dang sure that the illness was under control or gone. The extremely dangerous, like this woman, were never let out. Now, thanks to the liberalism that IR rightfully decried, the more dangerous among the mentally ill and the outright psychopaths are set free without adequate saupervision.

Subvet said...

This is where our nannystate mentality, coupled with the idea that there is no such thing as a bad boy/girl, has led us.

Some folk are evil and should be locked away for it. Some folk are sick and if their families can't care for them they should also be placed in state custody. End of story. Next case.

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