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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Today's trip to the tooth fairy...

I took my son out of his elementary school this morning so he'd visit the dentist for his scheduled cleaning.

I signed him out at the receptionist desk, the receptionist saw us leave the building.

Two hours later I signed him back in, same receptionist at the desk, now in the company of the principal who listens in to our conversation and nods like a bobblehead doll the entire time.

RECEPTIONIST: Sir did you get a doctor's note to excuse your son's absence?

ME: No, is it necessary?

RECEPTIONIST: Yes, we'll need one. You can have them fax it to us if you'd like.

ME: (biting tongue, remembering not to shoot any messengers today) Okay. Thank you.

I then bade my boy goodbye and he ran off back to class. I hope he always likes school so much.

So I go home and double check with the wife if a note is necessary. She's more familiar with this sort of thing, both from being a hell of a lot younger than I and from being a pediatric nurse who dealt with schools and their idiotic requirements.

Yep, need a note. The parent's word cannot be trusted. The little darling needs a note to excuse his time absent from school. Too much unexcused time and he'll be doing makeup classes on Saturdays. There was actually a kindergarten kid at this school who had to attend those classes, I wonder what the hell you could fail to learn in kindergarten? Maybe how to stay within the lines while coloring, who the hell really knows?

So I then have the following conversation with the wife. I know just a little bit about the laws regarding homeschooling here in Texas, I was looking into it at one time. Here we go:

ME: So let me get this straight. I need a note to justify taking our son out to get his teeth cleaned because good God almighty, the word of a parent in this situation just can't be trusted. But if we were home schooling our kids I could take him to strip clubs every damned day of the week and no one would check on it when I called it a biology field trip?

WIFE: That's the law.

ME: Whoever is responsible for this idiocy needs a job more in line with their abilities. I hear McDonalds is hiring.

WIFE: (Boy, that woman hears a lot of crap!) That's the law passed by the state, the school has nothing to do with it.

ME: Makes no difference.

WIFE: At least we're in a school that still has CHRISTMAS trees, our children go on CHRISTMAS vacation and they're allowed to exchange CHRISTMAS cards with their classmates!

ME: For how much longer?

WIFE: (She works nights and was getting tired, and not just with listening to my whining.) G'nite, I'd tell you to have a good day but you've already made other plans.

Like a good little drone I got the fax number from the school and called the dentist, his receptionist very cheerfully assented to sending a note.

The good Lord only knows what the requirements would be in other states besides Texas. Maybe you put up a bond in order to take your kid to the dentist. I really don't want to know.


RandomThoughts said...

Your wife is a saint, but you already know that, right?

Yes, the law is an ass, particularly in the case of signing small kids in and out of school. I used to write sarcastic notes on the doctor's printed excuse when I signed my kids back into school. It chafed me too that my physical presence wasn't enough to legitimize my kids' absence.

in the vanguard said...

You should have faxed your own doctor's note, signing it with some pseudo name. They wouldn't have bothered checking I suppose. That way, you'd at least have felt good fooling the fools.

MightyMom said...

you didn't mention when I was in high school and both my dad's parents died.....within a month of each other. When I returned to school the after the second funeral with a note from my Mom explaining the death in the family the attendance lady asked me IF I'D BROUGHT A COPY OF THE OBITUARY.

Damn freakkin Moron.

No Saints here...but if I WERE a Saint...what on earth would I be Patroness of???

Subvet said...

Random Thoughts, it's as if trusting parents to decide whats best for their kids is an alien concept.

Subvet said...

In the vanguard, I'll remember that idea for next time. It'd be small comfort but I'll take what I can get!

Subvet said...

MightyMom, I'd forgotten that story. As I've said before, had I been your mother I'd have had someone's ass for that one.

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