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Saturday, September 24, 2011

My little girl...

So we noticed a limp whenever our four year old daughter walked. It certainly didn't slow her down any, she's a little bull that stands head & shoulders over the rest of her preschool class. She also routinely annoys the batsnot out of her two older brothers.

We had her X-rayed and spoke to the pediatrician today. It turns out one leg is ever so slightly shorter than the other.

Now we're trying to have her treated by the Scottish Rite Hospital in Dallas. They're the best and known the world over. It'll be some months before we find out. No hurry, she won't get any worse. It's a condition that allows some time to be taken for things like this.

My suggestion that we move to the Hill Country area here in Texas got nowhere. Well at least I didn't suggest West Virginia. The wife would hate moving out of Texas. But it seems the Hill Country is out too.

Just trying to help, I've always heard hillbillies don't need legs the same length. Supposedly it helps if they're not. Oh well.

Now I'll end this because she's busy chasing her brothers again. They'll need my help soon.


Fuzzy Slippers said...

Thoughts and prayers.

Subvet said...

Fuzzy, thanks.

Anthony S. Layne said...

It's odd you bring up so many things that remind me of various members of my family. I had an uncle (Jim Walker, God be good to him) who had polio as a kid, which left one leg shorter than the other. Oddly enough, the USMC accepted him as a reservist (he carried a BAR), but when the call-up came for the Korean "police action", they busted him out. He was a helluva great guy, very much a leprechaun and storyteller, and I still miss him.

Hopefully the medical intervention will take. If not, though, it doesn't need to ruin your daughter's apparent zest for life. In any case, you have my prayers. God be with you all.

ignorant redneck said...

This is rough-you got enough on your plate as it is! prayers will ascend... .

BTW--I heard about the plumbing miracle. You should get a contractors liscence!

Subvet said...

Anthony, I appreciate that.

Subvet said...

IR, well these things keep me out of trouble.

As for the "miracle", it was just a question of home repairs. No biggie.

Jessica said...

I hope it will be a relatively 'easy' fix, but where our kids are concerned, nothing is ever 'easy'. You've got my meager prayers.

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