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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Recipe for condom cupcakes??

So our parish is exploring whether there is interest in scouting programs for the children. They're looking at Boy Scouts specifically for the guys and no specific group for the girls. In a conversation with a K of C friend who is also an officer for the council, I was told it might be brought up at this Thursday's meeting. I recalled some negative information about the Girl Scouts and asked if they were going to be looked at. He said it was probable. The end of this is that I've been doing some research on the GSA in order to present arguments AGAINST any sponsorship of them.

I'd feel cleaner if I'd just dove into the nearest cesspool. This definetly ain't my older cousin's GSA. Nope.

Here's a bit of the more outlandish bits of information I found, along with a hyperlink for those wishing more information:

Pro-Life Action of Oregon has looked into how girls can earn the Girls Scouts U.S.A. Patch called “Our Rights and Responsibilities” Patch . On that page under “The Right To Be Me,” is a link to U.K. Children’s Rights Web site. {Note that the URL on the Girl Scouts page sends visitors to the U.K. “Tag” site – with the URL .}

A Tag is a UNICEF campaign for Girl Scouts to become involved in.

One such Tag is called the UNITE AGAINST AIDS Campaign. Girl Scouts are instructed to “organize a Red Ribbon party” to raise awareness about HIV.

Sample Activities for Girl Scouts Red Ribbon Party:

First you have to decide on a name for your event: it could simply be ‘Red Party’ or if your event involves lots of music it could be ‘Singing for Sex’ …

You could do a cake sale – check out our condom cake recipe! Make sure when selling that your punters know the condoms are not edible - this could be messy! ‘A fun way to bring sexual protection to the masses at the same time as raising funds.’

I'm really wishing I'd found that cesspool.


Anthony S. Layne said...

Yeah. I've been hearing that GSA has been effectively subverted by the "progressives", and that in some locations it's little better than a feeder for lesbian ephebophiles ... something I've not heard about BSA. Of course, with scuttlebutt you want to wait for some sort of authoritative report, but it's like the rabbi said: "True it should be yet? Isn't it bad enough that there's a rumor?"

PattyinCT said...

Yuck! Thank God there's 4H!!!

VSO said...

Watchdog Tango Foxtrot?! Actually no surpise. Some girl in MN did a Gold Award project with "S&M for teens". i kid you not.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

How disgusting. But then I had been hearing how the GSA was even starting to encourage girls to seek out abortions if they become pregnant. What ever happened to purity, modesty, and morality. That is why I don't even buy girl Scout Cookies any more, no sense in supporting filth.

I could even suggest where they can shove their condom cakes to, but I shall remain a gentleman.

Stacy Trasancos said...

Um, gross! I've heard stuff like this before and I'm not surprised at all if it's true. That's great you took the initiative for your parish.

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