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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Parents: Do not eat while reading this...

Otherwise you'll hurl it back up. The swill is found here:

Honest to God, has our entire planet fallen into a worm hole and come out in the Bizarro Universe? I read the linked article and while that was disturbing enough, the comments were even more so.

Yours truly is no saint. 22 years in the sub force guarantees that you can dress me up but can't take me anywhere. Ya know, "rude, crude & socially unacceptable".

But this thing made me sick. Here's a highly educated woman, somebody who is trusted to educate other peoples' children, having a talk with her 17 yr. old daughter about how to make sure she gets as much sexual satisfaction as she gives. The only time "Mom" feels like a failure is upon realizing her girl has been gobbbling some guy's goop without insisting he reciprocate by eating a box lunch at the "Y". How could she have missed teaching THAT lesson? Oh, the shame!

As I say, the comments were worse.

After reading this I feel like I've been exposed to an entirely alien culture. Unfortunately it isn't, I can probably find equally "free spirits" in the local area. In this present time I'd qualify as the alien life form sooner than they would.

So what does the father of a small girl do these days to insure she doesn't become a complete skank? It seems being a mattress-backed tramp is more acceptable than not now.

No wonder my hair is falling out.

Feminism at it's finest, don't demand you be treated as worthy of respect. Just jump into the cesspool with the boys and wallow in it.


Adrienne said...

The world is way more bizarro than even you know. My 17 year old confirmation sponsoree just announced on Facebook she's pregnant (I saw this coming.) And she is joyously showing off her "baby-bump" (I hate that term) and telling everyone who the "baby-daddy" is (another hated term.) She even posted her ultra-sound. All this celebration is taking place with her sixteen year old friend who is also pregnant.

These girls deliberately got pregnant as they both had birth control given to them by Planned Parenthood. It is becoming quite common and I expect to see an outbreak of pregnancy amongst their skanky friends.

These girls treat the whole thing like a grand adventure, could care less about getting married, and are, no doubt, very aware that Uncle Sam will step in and support them.

The "adults" around them tell them how "cute" they look and throw them baby showers. What's wrong with this picture???

Can you say cultural Marxism??

As my dear departed friend Jody used to say, "They aren't doing anything we didn't do, but at least we knew it was wrong." How true.

Subvet said...

Adrienne, the word "shame" has lost all meaning.

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