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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Got a bad feeling about this...

...and here it is: Police: Internet providers must keep user logs

To tell the truth, I'm fairly computer stupid. So I have no idea just how bad this might be. But from reading the article I get the notion that Big Brother could monitor where I've been, what I've read and my comments.

Nope, not a good feeling at all.

Maybe somebody who is a little more computer literate could educate me on this?


Jessica said...

I think it connects with "Net Neutrality" (which is anything but). It's just another way to regulate the internet, in my opinion, with more unnecessary laws, and with governmental regulation comes more cost. If this were to pass, I would think that many places would stop offering the 'wireless' option (think hotels, coffee shops, fast food places) because of the cost of covering the insurance. I would think you would also see smaller internet providers go out of business or be swallowed up by bigger conglomerates, because they can't afford to follow the regulations - which would then lead to monopolies on the internet.

This just is about the money/business side and not even the privacy side of the issue. Yes, the buzz today is about "child pornography." What about in the future? What will be a crime then? Looking up where a Catholic church is? Looking up the Constitution?

I'm incredibly ticked off that the GOP is jumping on this. I'm incredibly ticked that people that are enacting and writing these laws don't even know how to use the technology they want to criminalize.

(This is just my viewpoint, which admittedly is not very up-to-date on tech stuff.)

Left-footer said...

I'm a dumb-brain with computers, but I guess it will make it easy for the police to find and pull in subversives - us Catholics, for example.

It seems that nothing done on the internet is ever forgotten or lost.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Actually, the federal government has the capability of monitoring every one's internet usage. There is the capability to track every key stroke.

They can and often do monitor phone calls (both land line and cell phone).

I don't worry about it though because i am at an age that I just don't care, though I do try not to give out too much information about myself.

Subvet said...

Ranter, your questions about future crimes are exactly what came to my mind when I saw the article. Starting this up "for the good of the children" sounds really innocent. But the truth is it would easily lend itself to further somebody's agenda.

Subvet said...

Left-footer, it's for that reason I never take my anonymity for granted. I figure sooner or later somebody will be combing through my posts with an agenda in mind.

Subvet said...

MRG, I've no doubt they can and already DO a lot of surreptitious monitoring of our communications. What gets my attention is the way this will give it an air of respectability.

Mary Ellen said...

This whole "it's for the children" is a bunch of bs, imo. They are only using that as an excuse to monitor our lives even further. If they gave a damn about kids, then why don't they provide funds to provide social workers with the manpower and tools they need to keep our children safe from abusive family members? They are so understaffed right now that they can't even investigate cases unless there is visible signs of abuse such as broken bones or multiple bruises. Most times, kids are killed before the system even notices.

This isn't about the's about power for the government to further control our lives.

I know, I sound like some kind of conspiracy theorist, but Big Brother is watching...they are just going to make sure they have the laws to cover it for future use. They've been doing it all along.

Subvet said...

Mary Ellen, I couldn't have said it any better.

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