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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ann Barnhardt on Mexico, my own thoughts on the future.

This is an interesting post, copied & pasted in it's entirety. While I disagree with a good portion, some parts are really worth considering:

On Mexico, Guns, Drugs and Borders
Posted by Ann Barnhardt - July 30, AD 2011 5:49 PM MST

This is speculation, so take it as such. It is impossible to know for certain what another person or people are going to do until they do it, but when Vanna turns enough letters around on the board, you don’t need to buy any more vowels.

I think the Obama regime is intentionally trying to get the Los Zetas drug cartel to overthrow the Mexican government, and do it fairly soon. This thesis is nothing new. If you want citations, do a google search of the terms “los zetas overthrow” and read up. What I want to address is the question of WHY.

The Obama regime wants to effectively dissolve the U.S.-Mexican border. A Los Zetas overthrow would accomplish this. Mexican refugees would flood into the United States. The U.S. would refuse to acknowledge the Los Zetas regime as a legitimate government. The U.N. and other illegitimate criminal syndicates operating as diplomatic fronts would immediately call for the U.S. to accept all Mexican refugees. Because the Mexican government would no longer be legitimate – and essentially would not exist – there would be no way to deport ANY Mexican nationals inside the U.S., because there would be no government in Mexico to hand them back to lawfully. So, we would have:

1. Completely open borders
2. MILLIONS of refugees streaming into the U.S.
3. Global insistence that the U.S. accept these refugees
4. Instant de facto amnesty for both pre-Zeta and post-Zeta Mexicans in the U.S.
5. Obama cast as savior of these Mexican refugees
6. Millions of new welfare-dependent Obama voters
7. A lawless Mexico, wide-open to unlimited muslim and Chinese staging

Now a word about drugs. I know that there are many libertarians reading this website who think that legalizing drugs is the solution to everything. It sure is, if you’re George Soros. If you will indulge me for a moment, I’m going to leave the current chess board and try to think five or six moves ahead. Los Zetas overthrow Mexico. The border dissolves and Obama gets his millions of welfare-recipient voters. The Obama regime, which we know is just a front for Soros, legalizes drugs. Soros is pretty much the money behind the entire drug legalization movement. Legalizing drugs in the U.S. would instantly undercut and defund Los Zetas, thus allowing Soros to install a handpicked puppet in Mexico City. And we’re now well on our way to piecing together the Soros global empire. Central and South America could be rolled easily.

Soros, and all Marxist-Communist tyrants, are big fans of drugs because drugs keep the rabble (that’s us) dumb, compliant, desperate and dependant on the state. Soros, Jarrett, Obama, Ayers, Sunstein, Piven and all the rest would love nothing more than for the entire American populace to come home every night from a long day at the welfare office, bread line, and drug dispensary, smoke a joint or a blunt, plop down on the sofa and sit transfixed by pornography, circuses and/or state propaganda. This is how the Soviet Union operated except with alcohol. There may not have been food or toilet paper at times in the Soviet Union, but MIRACULOUSLY the vodka would always manage to appear. This basically eliminated the threat of the male populace to the state. It also acted as a silent genocide by causing dramatic increases in early death AND dramatically decreased fertility rates when coupled with state-provided abortion-on-demand. In case you weren’t aware, Russia’s population today is imploding.

This is what the Marxist-Soros cabal wants the U.S. to look like, and in order to achieve that goal, they need to be the drug cartel. So, back to our original thesis. They would, or already have facilitated the Zetas' overthrow of Mexico by running guns and other high-powered weapons to them via Fast & Furious, which would give the Marxist-Soros machine permanent power by destabilizing the U.S. and stacking the American electorate, and would also position them to then eventually undercut the Zetas, seize and “nationalize” the North American drug trade for themselves and then drug the populace into numbness, compliance, early death and mechanical infertility.

And no, I do not think that alcohol should be illegal. I can drink a given quantity of alcohol and not get drunk. And I do, and I appreciate the flavor of the alcohol as I do other foodstuffs. A person can not smoke a joint and not get stoned. A person can not snort cocaine and not get high. A person can not inject heroin and not get stoned. The only purpose drugs have is the dramatic alteration of a human’s psychological state, and that alteration reduces the ability to think critically and rationally, numbs the person to their surroundings, induces extreme selfishness and inhibits the ability to love. This is the Marxist definition of “the perfect man”. No, check that. In Marxism, the perfect man is the dead man – but the stoned man is the next best thing.

If you’re on that whole libertarian legalize drugs bandwagon, I would seriously advise you to think that position over very carefully – and not while you’re high on weed. Start by looking at who is “on your side”. That alone should be enough to convince you that you’re being played. And look for the Zetas to move on Mexico City well before the 2012 elections. If we even make it that far.

(End of story, my comments follow.)

One of the beauties of the scenario Barnhardt paints is the lack of any formal conspiracy needed for results 1-7. "Operation Gunwalker" could be set up mainly to cast the exercise of our 2nd Amendment in a bad light (I really believe that was the greater part of it). The other consequences resulting from a de facto arming of the Zetas would be of secondary importance initially but would soon assume a "tail wagging the dog" significance.

I can't follow her reasoning on the issue of drugs. Too many folks are NOT going to start toking on a joint or blunt for the legalization of drugs to be considered. But with no effective borders in place, what would there be to stop the cartels from more openly transporting their product north? This would be a really neat excuse for clamping down on everyone in the name of national security, but who would get that task?

The Border Patrol? They're already stretched thin, and several incidents where their agents have faced charges of pulling a gun on an illegal only emphasize our DOJ's tendency to undermine them. I'd bet a fair amount of agents spend as much time covering their asses now as actually doing their jobs. I know I would.

Ditch posse comitatus and place the military on the border? Look at how the troops are currently being used for social engineering purposes (e.g. the demise of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" and the wholesale embrace of gays in uniform). Those of us who served during the Carter years well remember the lousy morale during that time. I'd say we'll soon see another decline that will make the hollow military of those years look robust in comparison. So no, the military won't be able to handle the job of border protection and taking care of the increased lawlessness further north.

The local police? I really doubt they'll have the organization or firepower to deal with drug cartels that control a nation.

But what about the civilian security force that B.O. spoke of forming? The one that would be as well armed as the military.


A paramilitary organization, answerable only to the Executive Branch, armed to the teeth and consisting of true believers in the ideas of our present Commander-in-Chief.

Yeah, they'd be tasked with national security once the conventional military and police organizations proved inadequate.

Their ranks would consist of those more loyal to El Presidente than the Constitution. There doesn't even need to be a formal conspiracy for this, just think of sitting in for an interview to join the new "Civilian SF" and having a true believer quiz you about your thoughts on gun control, limited government, the 2nd Amendment, etc. There wouldn't be time for a detailed hiring policy to be in place, a lot of it would be left up to the personal judgment of whoever is doing that interview. No real knowledge of the Constitution needed.

Hey, face it folks, right now the vast majority of the rank and file military don't know squat about how the nation was founded and designed to function. I know this from personal experience. The ones who know the most are your senior enlisted personnel and the mid-to-senior commissioned officer pay grades. They'd prove a problem for any sort of Brown Shirt tactics, even in an increasingly demoralized and emasculated military you could count on a fairly large number of patriots to dig in their heels and say "NO" to any illegal order.

But a new paramilitary "security force" could be led by those screened to be more loyal to a person than a historically derived ideal? They could be given expanded powers to investigate & arrest perceived threats to the nation, utilizing procedures and practices already in place or in use before now. That would include "no knock home searches", suspension of habeus corpus, stopping your average man on the street and demanding identification/destination/etc. The list goes on. Just as the gun laws of Weimar Germany were enacted with noble intent yet ultimately used for the benefit of the Nazis, so will the present statutes and the enforcement of them be twisted to suit an agenda.

This is all dependent on the success of the cartels overthrowing the government of Mexico and the ensuing anarchy spilling over into this country. As Barnhardt implies, all those brand new voters would be extremely sympathetic to the overlords in DC. There would be the added advantage that they wouldn't be too picky about individual rights of privacy and other such items that have scant existence south of our border. They'd vote for increased security in a second and damn the consequences! Anyone speaking out would have their names taken for future reference.

Mexico is already moving towards being a complete narcostate, just let it go a little further down the road and it'll be showtime. It'll begin in this nation with martial law being declared.

Do I think it's in the works? Do I believe it's likely? I don't know and maybe that's all that keeps me from being a full fledged model of the latest style in tinfoil hats. But just a few years ago I'd have said you had to be delusional to believe the ATF would allow a glut of firearms to fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels while the MSM stayed mute on the topic. I'd have honestly believed that the rule of law and a concern for our fellow citizens would trump any crap like that.

So now, I can only say I don't know what is going to happen. But I don't think whatever goes down will be good.

God help us all, God's will be done.

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