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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Anti-Semitic comic book defended as preventing child abuse.

I was trying to ignore the story about banning male circumcision in San Francisco. Some things are just too damned idiotic to be mentioned. But the latest round in this insanity deserves notice:

Honestly, how simultaneously anti-Semitic and politically correct can you be in this nation? "Monster Mohel"? It's something to expect in a parody article. But I guess you just can't make this stuff up.

The Jews are the canaries in our cultural coal mine. When they become accepted targets of opportunity it's time for the rest of us to wake up and pay attention, if for no other reason than that nowhere in the New Testament is their status as God's Chosen People revoked. We may all be His children, but like any other father He may very well have favorites.

If anyone thinks thats BS perhaps they can explain how the Jews have survived over the centuries? Being the favorite can also explain why they've had it so hard, lots of times that position means more is expected of you than of siblings.

Regardless, what was old is becoming new again as the Jews are openly persecuted for any reason that comes to hand.

Wonder how soon it'll be before Hollywood films, "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion"? I've inlaws that would gladly pay to see that POS on film. I'm not talking about lowbrowed Neanderthals either. They're fairly well educated, respected in the community, etc. My point in mentioning this is to emphasize Jew-hating isn't confined to losers out of a trashy trailer park who parade around in white sheets and hoods.

UPDATE:Scotju has corrected me on the subject of Jews still being Chosen People of God. Okey-dokey thats one of the beauties of the internet, if you don't get something correct theres always someone who will help you out.


Steve "scotju" Dalton said...

Subvet, you're wrong about the Jews still being the Chosen People in a corporate sense. Carnal Israel was replaced by the spiritual Israel (the Catholic Church) in 33AD, when they rejected Christ. Rom 9-11 makes this quite clear that the carnel Jews were never considered "chosen". It was only those who had faith who were considered the chosen people.
I agree with you that the Foreskin Man comic book promotes religious and ethnic hatred. And the proposed ban on circmcision is clearly unconstitutional. San Fran needs to ban queers, not religious rituals.

Subvet said...

scotju, thanks for the reference to Romans 9-11. I appreciate the clarification.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Subvet, I could debate scotju on his opening remarks, but since this is neither the time or place for such a debate, I shall refrain. As for his closing paragraph, I must whole heartedly agree.

I saw that disgusting "comic" book on Glenn Beck this evening and it is the most disgusting piece of trash I have ever seen.

It is shocking how large segments of American society is starting to sink as low as Hitler's Nazi Germany.

I can only say; "May God have mercy on us all."

Subvet said...

MRG, thanks for your restraint. Over the years I've heard it both ways about the Jews still being the Chosen People. Since I'm not Jewish it doesn't really matter all that much to me. But yeah, Scotju is absolutely right on the rest of his comment. And yes, we definetly are in need of God's mercy right now.

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