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Thursday, April 07, 2011

"We doan need no stinking freedom of religion"

Found this over at California Catholic Daily.

Suspended for bringing a Bible to school Student sues school district over being disciplined for sharing his faith on campus

A student at a suburban San Diego high school who was suspended for two days for bringing a Bible to campus has sued the school district.

Kenneth Dominguez, a former student at Gateway East High School of the Grossmont Union High School District in eastern San Diego County has filed suit against the school district, alleging “he was disciplined and suspended for sharing his faith with fellow students and for bringing his Bible to school,” said a statement from Pacific Justice Institute, which is representing the student. “The conflict for Kenneth Dominguez began when he returned from Christmas break in January 2010 and began telling his fellow students about his Christian faith,” the PJI statement said.

“On several occasions he was reprimanded for doing so and eventually he was told not to bring his Bible to school,” the PJI statement continued. “An administrator told him that he could not share his Christian faith with fellow students or bring his Bible to school because of separation of church and state. When he continued to discuss his faith and bring his Bible to school he was given a two-day suspension on February 18, 2010.”

“The school gave him a form known as a ‘Corrective Education Referral Form,’ which had the following notations: Student was told to stop preaching at school. Student continued after being warned several times. Student will not bring Bible to school,” said the PJI statement.

“No student should be forced to leave his faith and Bible at the gate when he enters school grounds,” said attorney Michael J. Peffer, who heads the Southern California office of Pacific Justice Institute, in a prepared statement. “We are looking forward to this opportunity to vindicate Mr. Dominguez and protect students throughout California.”

A school district spokesman told a San Diego television station the district could not comment on the lawsuit because of privacy laws, but stood behind the decision to suspend Dominguez.

(End of story. My comments follow.)

For those who care to share, here is the email address of the district superintendent (listed on the school district's website, so it's public information):

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THIS is depressing!!
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