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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

U.S. Priest under fire for promoting Church teaching...

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana, March 29, 2011 ( – A Catholic priest has come under fire from homosexual activists for “anti-gay indoctrination” after he taught his students what the Catholic Church teaches about homosexuality in his high school course on gay “marriage.”

Equality Matters, a media and communications group for homosexual rights, on their website accused the chaplain of Indianapolis’ Cardinal Ritter High School of “spouting a stream of homophobic and offensive falsehoods about same-sex marriage and gay people in general to a classroom full of students.”

Fr. John Hollowell, chaplain and teacher at the private Catholic high school, had posted the videos of the lectures on YouTube and his personal blog last week.

In the lectures he explains Catholic teaching on homosexuality. However, his presentation was denounced as “anti-gay lecturing” by the media watchdog group, who said that the priest “calls homosexual acts ‘an abomination’, advocates for ex-gay therapy, and rails against same-sex adoption and marriage by comparing homosexuality to alcoholism and prostitution.”

The priest is currently in Rome and says he won’t be able to respond to the accusations until his return.

In the videos, however, Fr. Hollowell is seen challenging his students to think about and discuss the “difficult” issues of homosexuality and homosexual “marriage.”

He points out that the Bible, in Leviticus 20:13 and other places in the New Testament, calls “homosexual acts” an “abomination.” “You have two options,” he says, “God is cool with homosexuality, homosexual acts, I should say … or what the Bible and the Church say about it is correct … There’s no middle ground on that issue.”

The priest refers to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, the official book of the teachings of the Church, which states that homosexuals “must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity,” and condemns any form of “unjust discrimination” against them.

However, the Catechism also states that homosexual inclinations are “objectively disordered” and homosexual acts are “acts of grave depravity.” “Under no circumstances can they be approved,” it says, explaining that people with the homosexual inclination are called to chastity.

Fr. Hollowell points out that human beings are able to choose either to act or not to act on given inclinations. Those who experience homosexual attraction, he said, are called upon to refrain from acting on their inclination. Just because someone has an “inclination to something” (for example, drinking alcohol, homosexual acts, etc.) does not make them “less culpable for acting on it,” he said.

Equality Matters claims that 70 percent of Catholics and the majority of Americans now believe that messages such as Fr. Hollowell’s lead to higher rates of homosexual teen suicide.

Hollowell, however, argues that the position he advocates is one of compassion. “If you’re struggling with homosexual attraction, the Church’s first message is compassion,” he told his students, “helping them overcome it is not the first inclination.”

Programs such as Courage are in place to help people “who want it,” he said, “we’re not out there telling people they need to change.”

Fr. Hollowell also described the “key Catholic social teaching” on homosexuality and its relation to the “common good.” By common good is meant “what every human person does affects me and affects everyone else,” said Fr. Hollowell, explaining why students should be concerned about homosexual “marriage” legislation in other states. “The Church sees society as one body, therefore all are affected,” whether we realize it or not.

(End of story. My comments follow.)

This Priest/School Chaplain is teaching the tenants of the Roman Catholic Faith based on the Roman Catholic Catechism in a Roman Catholic School in a Roman Catholic Religion class! His YouTube videos are nothing extreme, you can find a lot more controversial ones just in five minutes of surfing that site.

This is a manufactured controversy, put forth by agenda driven gays who want all criticism of their "lifestyle" muted. Think back even five years ago, we wouldn't have seen a story like this, it'd have been deemed too absurd, on the same level as "FlatEarthers" suing globemakers for their depiction of the Earth.

But in our current times we'll see this and much more as the aggressive homosexuals and their sympathizers become more vocal.

The times of Christian persecution are upon us again.


ignorant redneck said...

The idea is to brand all speech that invokes morality as hate speach, then sue the church and ministers into bankruptcy, so the sodomites and worshipers of Asmodeus, Mamon and Moloch can get the masses ready for the second coming of Christ--Satan doesn't want to be lonely in Hell.

ignorant redneck said...

The idea is to label each and every instance of speech invoking Christian morality as hate speech, then sue churches and ministers into bankruptcy. By doing this the Sodomites and the Worshipers of Asmodeus, Mammon and Moloch can prepare the masses for the Second Coming of Christ. Satan doesn't want to be lonely in Hell.

BTW--this is a story of HOPE! I remember when Religious ED in Indianapolis Archdiocese would never have said this--and I date girls from that school!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Our public schools today are being forced to portray homosexuals in the best light possible, and starting as early as first grade our children and grandchildren are being indoctrinated to hold gays in high esteem.

Can we ever gain back sanity. I think not, it is far too late, though I still pray that I am wrong.

Subvet said...

IR, I believe those who have slept while the Faith deteriorated are now waking up. They're choosing sides and sometimes that means good news.

Subvet said...

MRG, my wife the RN once agreed that what passes for insanity at times is nothing but pure evil. We'll always have it. Hopefully we can push it back though.

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