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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

On our Libyan intervention...

We're going about this is the most half-assed fashion possible.

B.O. should have gotten an okay from Congress before sending in the planes & troops. Our objectives should be clear and easily understood. When using our military they should be allowed to do what they're trained for with no "Monday morning quarterbacking" from Foggy Bottom.

Get in, get out. Do it with the minimum loss of American life. Screw the rest of the world and their opinions. End of story.


Cookie..... said...

HEAR HEAR!! I think what is really bothering myself and a great many others is that he took this action without bringing it before congress. It's becomming very VERY scary the way this asshole is doing whatever the hell he pleases and no one is stopping him and taking him to task. Last night, a congressman, I think it was Kucinich but I'm not sure, brought this up on O'Reilly and nobody seems to really give a shit.

Something has to be done to stop this megalomaniac, and soon.

Subvet said...

Yeah Cookie, thats pretty par for the course for this jerk. He circumvents Congress by appointing "czars" out the wazoo, promotes a healthcare plan that is questionably constitutional, has his Justice Dept. just ignore defending DOMA in the courts. Yep, this guy is a real piece of work.

But what really bothers me, so far the GOP hasn't fielded anyone who would really catch fire in the presidential election. We may have to suffer with the asshole for another four years past 2012.

Teresa said...

Obama is acting as if he was some king or dictator doing as he pleases without a care in the world for abiding by the Constitution. Personally, I don't think that there is any justification for us using military force in Libya. But, if we're gonna do it let's kick Gaddafi's ass and not worry about how the world views the U.S. We have to look out for our best interest and not other countries.

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