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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Pitypot ponderings...

So the kids missed out on school due to snow, starting last Tuesday.

On Wednesday evening (no school again), I drove myself and all three children to the ER. The youngest boy was pretty sickly. They diagnosed him with a viral infection, sent us on our way to get meds from an all night pharmacy (BTW, the roads still hadn't been cleared. Around here snow & ice are so rare everyone just waits for it to melt. That didn't happen until Saturday.)

Thursday no school due to the roads. Housebound again.

Friday night (still no school for anyone) I take the daughter to the ER. The boys stayed home with the wife (not working that night). Another diagnosis of a virus, another trip to the pharmacy. Turns out the pharmacy didn't give me everything needed and by the time that was discovered they had already closed (the graveyard shift pharmacist didn't show up for work, "the roads were too bad" (tell me about it). So much for a "24 hour pharmacy".

Saturday morning (roads are still shit) I drive back to get what was missed the night before, only now the order has been changed as per our pediatrician (Wonderful woman, I'd recommend her in a heartbeat. She took our phone call at home, spoke with the wife and steered us accordingly). Have to go to another facility because (gasp!) the original pharmacy is out of stock of the breathing machine I need.

Sunday I got a break from the wife. I was able to go to Mass. While there I thanked God for all my blessings.

Monday we keep the kids home for a followup visit with their pediatrician who diagnoses ALL THREE KIDS with strep. (Note to self, always doublecheck on the diagnosis of an ER doctor).

Tuesday one of our three kids is able to go to school. The other two stay home. One out of three ain't bad.

Today it snowed again. Guess what school district shut down for the weather.

It's times like this I try to keep the following scenario in mind:


Jessica said...


BTW, thanks for the link to my blog.

MightyMom said...

It better NOT start raining! Then they'd close schools tomorrow too!!!!!

Now, where's that Sherman Tank I ordered so I can drive them to school????

Kelly said...

LOL I am SURE your statement "got a break from the wife" wasn't meant to read "got a break FROM the wife", but "got a break (as a gift) from the wife, and so got to go to mass...:) kinda funny..

Subvet said...

The Ranter, my pleasure.

Subvet said...

MM, I think Sherman tanks are a thing of the past. Better to go with personnel carriers, they're more suited for rough terrain.

Subvet said...

Kelly, nice catch. The statement should have read, "my wife gave me a break". Fortunately for moi, she knows how it was meant.

Kelly said...

I figured as much. But it did garner a chuckle.

PattyinCT said...


LOVE that movie!!!!

What hump??? Hahahahhahah!

RandomThoughts said...

Your ER visit brings back memories.

Speaking from experience, the only time you want to take a kid to ER is if they're bleeding out of more than one orifice, body parts are broken, or their fever hits 104. Otherwise it's a time consuming, expensive, frustrating and fruitless experience. Ultimately your pediatrician will end up correctly diagnosing whatever the ER doc invariably misdiagnosed.

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