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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Planned Parenthood to run sex ed programs...

( – The Planned Parenthood Federation of America is signaling its intention to dominate the national sex education agenda.

Specifically, Planned Parenthood's Web site announced the group is preparing to launch a nationwide “social change initiative” to end the “stigma and shame about sex” in American culture.

The project aims to teach parents and caregivers how to educate children about sex -- from birth. And it recommends telling teenagers about masturbation, oral sex and “where to go for help to prepare to be sexually active.”

The “Real Life. Real Talk” initiative began as a pilot program in communities in Maine, New York, Connecticut, and Arizona between 2004 and 2008, according to a report about the initiative that is for sale on the project’s Web site.

Now Planned Parenthood is preparing to launch the program nationwide, with funding from donors and private groups, including The Ford Foundation.

“Real Life. Real Talk" is based on the belief that reducing the shame and stigma attached to sex also reduces a barrier to sexual and reproductive health services, eventually reducing the rates of sexually transmitted infections, HIV/AIDS, and unintended pregnancies.

The initiative is geared to parents and caregivers of children aged 8 to 18. In the four pilot states, parents were invited to attend workshops where they received Planned Parenthood’s guide to “Sex Ed for Parents, Real Life. Real Talk." The events were held at different community venues, including schools, churches, social services facilities and libraries.

The "Real Life. Real Talk" guide, offered in English and Spanish, is tailored to specific groups of parents and caregivers, including grandparents raising their grandchildren, “queer parents,” and parents of children in elementary school.”

A "Parent Tips" section of the "Real Life. Real Talk" Web site says children are never too young to learn about sex. It states, in part:

“A child’s sexuality, sexual feelings, and sexual attitudes develop from the moment of Birth -- even before a child can speak. In fact, children start learning about sexuality through observation of family interaction and surroundings. When you don’t talk with your children about sexuality, you may give them the message that there is something wrong with sexuality and that it is not a topic you’re willing to discuss.”

“You can begin teaching your young child the basics of sexuality — anatomy, reproduction, sexual orientation, personal safety, feelings, relationships — as well as your own values,” reads the document. “As children grow and mature, they will be more interested in details about pregnancy and birth, the changes of puberty, etc.”

Another section, entitled "Conversation Starters," tells parents to be “factual" and to "clear up slang” when answering questions. It offers examples of children's questions, including slang for female masturbation and oral sex.

One talk-to-your-child tip includes the following bulleted item: “Take your child to the drugstore and point out the pads, tampons, condoms, etc. Take your teen to a clinic for contraception and exams, or let your teen know where to go for help to prepare to be sexually active.”

The Web site’s “Teen Reality” tab includes videos, including a “Don’t Dance with Death” video written by high school students in McAllen, Texas. It features a “witch” giving young girls a potion and a condom before they go to a high school dance. One of the girls then gives the condom to the boy with whom she is dancing.

The report on "Real Life. Real Talk" says the initiative will be marketed nationwide through TV public service announcements, print ads, radio, posters, bus shelters and other promotional materials such as T-shirts.

According to its annual report for Fiscal Year 2008-2009, Planned Parenthood’s income from government grants and contracts totaled $363.2 million, up for $349.6 million for the previous fiscal year.

(End of story. My comments follow.)

Somebody at PP is taking a long view of things, hoping that in a decade or so this'll be so commonplace that anyone opting out of these workshops will be regarded as a Neanderthal.

As an example of how this can happen, look at the whole idea of daycare. At one time there was a stigma to it, only single mothers of very young children were perceived as the clientele (can you say "welfare queen"). So most folk would avoid using a daycare center, just put off "Mom" going back to work until the kids became latchkey children.

Now, daycare is all the rage. The wife and I discovered that several years ago when we were still watching TV programs. A local cable access show had an infomercial about "quality" daycare and how important it was in the development of youngsters. The "expert" the interviewer spoke to claimed with a straight face that lack of daycare had been proven to lead to social interaction impediments resulting in juvenile delinquency.

Now I know why that 15 yr. old lifted my car some years back. It wasn't that he was a punk from Jump Street, he was lacking adequate daycare. Poor tyke!

Anyway, the mindset revealed in that particular televised blurb was telling. If you don't send your kid to daycare you must be some kind of weird. Got it. It goes along with the idea that both parents need to work for "fulfill their potential". Noted. Hey, just what is that "potential" anyway? A potential for being a self-centered, narcissistic jerkoff that doesn't give a rat's ass about their child? Now that's a potential I really want fulfilled!

Anyway by taking the long view on this topic, PP knows they'll advance even further into respectability and mainstream acceptance. They're already off to a good start. Look at the venues they choose for these workshops, i.e. schools, churches, social service facilities & libraries. That reeks of acceptance and respectability from the getgo. And don't think a lot of churches will be turning their noses up at this. Au contraire mon ami, all too many have enthusiastically gone into the "I'm okay, you're okay" mode of thinking. Anything faintly judgmental is now regarded as the new heresy. Unfortunately the preceding statements describe too many "Catholic" facilities also.

In the meantime you and I will be marginalized and treated as misfits. The next step is having CPS check our families out by crawling up some parental rears with a microscope. Lots of luck passing THAT exam! Here in Texas there has been only one couple that successfully fought CPS after some bogus allegations were lodged against them. It took over three years of plugging away before they even got their kids back. What are things like in your state, how do bureaucratic nitwits fare against us common folk?

IMO the only way to effectively combat this sort of insanity is to continue pushing for defunding Planned Parenthood. It's bad enough our tax dollars support baby killing, things don't need to get any worse. Cut off the money and they lose their effectiveness.


Adrienne said...

I think the saddest thing is to see kids dragged away to daycare. Never mind if they have the sniffles and should be in bed with Vicks rammed up their noses (yeah - I know you're not supposed to do that with Vicks but my Mom always did and when I grew up and read the label I thought of suing over child abuse - but I digress.)

Every thing is done now to change the way people think and most of it is due to changing the language.

Anyhoo - great comments.

Rick said...

That Bloodmoney scoop was accurate afterall. Sex becomes the new addiction pushed by the abortion industry in collaboration with the Liberals in the government.

The course plan/business model: Become promiscuous. Fornicate with defective condoms or pills then kill your child secretly and freely as sponsored by the American taxpayers through Obamacare.

I shall repost.

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

Wow...the post info regarding PP and their sex ed program is very scary, especially hearing that there they are being implemented in schools and churches.

That said, your comment touched on so many things besides this!

Regarding daycare, I have nothing against it and feel it is absolutely necessary to have quality daycare facilities available for children. I have nothing against a woman working toward a career or working within a career.

Sure, the best case scenario would be for children to be raised at home with their mothers/fathers. But in the real world, it's absolutely necessary for a woman to be able to have the education and possibly a career because in the real world we have marriages that fail after the children are born. In many of those failed marriages, there are dads who are not thinking of the best interest of the kids, but only of themselves. Look at the number of deadbeat dads who refuse to pay child support, for instance.

Do you expect the mother to live on welfare to support herself and the kids? Or, is it smarter for the mother to have an education and a career that she can fall back on when deal ol' daddy decides to avoid paying his due?

Do you honestly believe the family courts or the State are going go do everything they can do to get dear ol' deadbeat dad to pay the money to support the kids? No. In fact, the way the law is set up, the child support is so minimal, the mother has no choice but to either go back to work and put their kids in daycare or live on food stamps (which barely is enough to feed a family and doesn't allow the purchase of toilet paper or cleaning products), and welfare payments? Not to mention, the cost of daycare while a mother goes back to work after a divorce will eat up the entire amount of child care money she receives...if she can even get it.

In this day and age, every woman who is about to be married needs to think ahead. Every family doesn't fit the 50's lifestyle anymore and our government and State laws do little to protect women in the case of child support. Every woman (and man) goes into a marriage thinking it's forever...unfortunately the reality is that it isn't a guarantee. Not even close.

Being a parent who has a career and an education does not make them a "self-centered, narcissistic jerkoff that doesn't give a rat's ass about their child". And not every family who has two working parents are self-centered. Just ask any family who has recently had a husband who lost their job in this economy...the mom may be the one saving the family from living in their car because she had the audacity to have a career or job alongside her husband's career.

Subvet said...

Adrienne, thanks for the compliment. I agree about how the change in popular thinking is effected, Orwell touched on it a bit in 1984.

Subvet said...

Rick, repost away. The more folk know about this garbage the more likely we'll see some positive actions taken.

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

Wow...I wrote a whole comment and it was eaten by google. I'll try again.

Ok, regarding PP and their sex ed programs, very scary indeed. In a time when morals are being tossed down the drain in this society, the thought that our children would be taught by those murdering despots so they can "drum up" business for their baby killing mills is disgusting.

But now I'm going to respond to your comments about daycare. Oh my...I hate to disagree with you subvet, but I must.

IMO, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a mother having an education and a career. Think about it. Does every marriage with children survive in this county? No...not even close. And what happens to the children who are left in homes with a mother without a career or a good job in place when deadbeat dad decides to go on his merry way as he avoids the court system?

The mother would be left trying to raise the kids on welfare (not all mothers are having kids in order to become "welfare queens").

And even if the mother did receive child support from dear old dad...does that amount of money even come close to being able to support those kids--i.e. put a roof over their heads, food on the table, and clothes on their backs? No. The mother MUST have a job in place in order to do that.

Put a woman in this day in that situation. She gets married with all the thoughts of it lasting forever. She decides to be a "stay at home mom" and live the lifestyle of Donna Reed. But then hubby walks out and she has no job in place. What are the chances, with unemployment being at 10% or higher in some areas, of her landing a job before the rent is due or they run out of food? Do you know how long it takes for child support courts to get the money coming from dear old deadbeat dad? And even if he does comply to the court order to pay support, do you honestly believe that the amount of money that is given is enough to support mom and the kids without her working? No. She would have to apply for food stamps and welfare. What does that make her in your words? A "Welfare Queen".

Being a working mother or having a family with both parents working does not make them a "self-centered, narcissistic jerkoff that doesn't give a rat's ass about their child". It makes her smart enough to be prepared to raise her children in case of divorce or the death of the father.

There is nothing wrong with quality daycare and it shouldn't be thought of as a tool to turn children into a bunch of delinquents. For those moms who have no choice but to work, quality daycare is not easy to find--especially at an affordable price. Shoot, just to put your school aged children in a YMCA after school program which is subsidized by the government is often too expensive for a single mom to handle. The majority of moms who are single is not because they were all out sleeping around with every guy they meet...most of them are single because their husbands walked out on them, or the guy who got them pregnant didn't take responsibility for the child and went on his merry way without a care in the world.

So, do we tell teens who get pregnant..."suck it up"? Or do we help support them and their child and not call them a bunch of welfare queens? How can we say in one breath, abortion is killing...and then when they have the baby, call them derogatory names when they are trying to support the babies they had?

Just a thought....


Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

Ok---so my first comment did go through (I think it was too long) so just ignore the second comment which was a rehash of the first.

Oh, and I also meant to say that even though I defended women who have children and also careers or jobs, I was a stay at home mom throughout most of my marriage. So, in case you thought I was just defending myself, nope. Just defending women in general. ;-)

Subvet said...

Mary Ellen/Nunly, thanks for your comments. They make a lot of sense however we're looking at this from two different viewpoints. Both may have some validity, both may have deficencies.

I admit to being set against both parents working and favoring that 50's lifestyle. FWIW, I was a latchkey child before the term was ever coined. My parents weren't too compatible and so my mother decided to assert her independence by working full time outside the home. That began when I was nine.

I'll attest that all the negative stereotypes regarding children neglected in that fashion are true.

So that in part explains my strong antipathy towards both parents working. Another factor in that is the routine stories we have occuring here in Texas every year as the summer approaches, stories of children on a daycare trip who are inadvertently left in a van to cook to death after some daycare staffer miscounts when the vehicle is unloaded. It also happens at time with parents being forgetful but more often than not it involves daycare staff.

In addition to that, I've known folk who fit the description of "self-centered, narcissistic jerkoff that doesn't give a rat's ass about their child". You can almost describe their children after meeting the parents, it's that predictable, and the description wouldn't be a positive one.

You're right about the prevalence of divorce and inadequacy of court ordered child support. But by the same token (having been through the divorce wringer twice myself) I can attest that it isn't always the woman who feels the greatest financial burden.

By the way, my second divorce was with a woman who absolutely insisted she had to have a "career" to be fulfilled. I put that word in quotation marks because that "career" consisted of being a machine operator for Pratt & Whitney. After being laid off she found work as an aromatherapist, so her "skills" at Pratt didn't go beyond being able to push the right button at the right time.


I only bring it up to emphasize I've lived with the sort of person I describe. In that case it was the desire for working outside the home and being rid of me (except for 1/3 of my total pay as a senior enlisted man) that drove her towards divorce. In fairness I'll admit it was also precipatated by a lot of strife between the two of us, but until she actually said she preferred life without me, we'd been formally trying for a reconciliation.

You DO make good points and I'm glad of it because it shows there is a lot more to the issue of daycare than my own views. But when I speak in the way I did it comes from some "exciting" personal experiences.

(Huh. Too many characters to post this. Have to continue on another comment. Never had that happen before!)

Subvet said...

(Back to what I was saying)

As for my wife (22 years my junior and more personally experienced with this aspect of our culture) she spent a lot of time in daycare or on her own in later childhood years. This was due precisely because her mother had been divorced and received the sort of pittance in the way of child support that you describe. So dear old mom had to use her college education to support the kids. Didn't work out too well, but thats another story.

Anyway, my wife thinks the idea of daycare sucks on toast. While fully admitting there are times when it is absolutely unavoidable, she will stress her belief it should be avoided if at all possible.

All of my feelings against daycare aside, my point is that a common perception is if you're not using it while both parents work then you're "weird". My wife and I have run into that one too often. When I worked she received many of the "you're just staying at home with the kids?" comments from her peers. Since I took over we now get the "he's making you work while he slacks off with the kids?" comments. Seems we can't win.

That prejudice didn't always exist and IMO works directly against anyone trying to do the best for their children.

FWIW, we didn't arrive at our decision easily. To tell the truth when it became apparent a role swap was in order, tears were shed, curses & foul language screamed as items flew across the room and my manhood was loudly called into question.

After that all happened the wife came home and we discussed things, finally agreeing at the present setup.

But thats yet another story.

Once again, thanks for your comments. They ARE valid. But the issue of daycare isn't a simple one.

Subvet said...

Mary Ellen/Nunly, seems we're both busy talking past each other right now. You're commenting, I'm commenting and there needs to be some time between responses.

So I'll just wait a bit before commenting further. Gotta feed the kids anyway.

ignorant redneck said...

I have said it before, and now i will repeat it: American worships three demons: Mammon, Moloch and Asmodeus. Traditionally, Mammon was all about greed--PP matches it. Moloch demanded the sacrifice of Babies and Children--PP matches it. Asmodeus was all about lust and fornication--PP matches it.

You, know--in twenty years, sending your kid to Sunday School to teach them right from wrong, or NOT sending them to sex ed--where they will learn to be fornicating sodomites and bi-sexuals--will be considered child abuse/neglect.

Day Care--despite the high statistical correlation between day care and behavioral problems at about 8th grade. Who cares how they act-as long as they are indoctrinated.

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

Hi subvet- I know, the daycare thing is a sticky wicket and oftentimes misunderstood by both sides of the issue.

Frankly, I know of some of those women who prefer a career over the daily routine of wiping noses and behinds. To them, the perfect solution to have it both and motherhood, which means putting the children in daycare. In many cases, doing the career and mom stuff is a lot harder than they thought it would be. But then again, could I blame a woman who went to Medical school for wanting to pursue her career and be a mother, too? No. Why should a man have that opportunity and not her? Or, should parents put their daughters through college only if they promise not to have children in the future?

My parents were both working, raised five kids and we never went into daycare. My mom worked a factory job and worked nights and my dad worked construction and worked days. When all of us were in school, my mom switched her schedule to days, the 7:00 am to 3:00 pm shift. I remember when I was young (the fifth child and only girl), I would watch cartoons (Here's Geraldine and Captain Kangaroo) while my mom tried to get some sleep while my brothers were in school. It was really lonely and boring. I hated it! Lucky for my mom I wasn't a kid to get into trouble, but I'm sure she worried too about falling asleep when I was there.

The decision for my mom to work had nothing to do with wanting a "career" but it helped to pay the Catholic School tuition for five kids. My dad didn't make that much money to be able to afford all the basic needs for five kids.

I didn't feel like I missed out on much during those years, but to be honest, I would loved to have been in a daycare where there were things to do like crafts and art, or just to be able to play with other kids my age. That said, back then there was no such thing as daycare centers and our school didn't even have a kindergarten.

I guess we all call upon our own experiences when it comes to our opinions on any given subject, we definitely came from two different worlds.

That said...I did manage to raise four kids and I'm still married to the same guy for almost 38 years. Are my kids perfect because I stayed home with them? No way! They did go to pre-school, however---three times a week for a year before they started kindergarten. Maybe I can blame their problems they are having now on the pre-school teachers. ;-)

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

Not sure if that last comment went through...I'll give it some time. It keeps saying my comments are too long! Picky picky google! :-D

ABNPOPPA said...


Do you know if PP gets any money from the Feds. I seem to remember somewhere it did.

Your comments were spot on mate, as usual!


Oh ya, Happy New Year!

Subvet said...

Pops, they most certainly do get money from the Feds. It's part of those government grants & contracts mentioned in the last sentence of the original article. Supposedly the funds are specifically marked for nonabortion purposes but money within PP is easily moved around.

As an example, say there are several thousand dollars of taxpayer money slated for office supplies. When applied for pencils and erasers it will free up a matching amount to be spent elsewhere. This has gone on for years, well before Obama. About time to put an end to it.

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