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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Planned Parenthood expanding it's operations...

Planned Parenthood Confirms Nationwide Abortion Expansion
by Steven Ertelt 12/23/10 12:18 PM

Planned Parenthood officials, in a new interview, have confirmed a report issued Tuesday about a new mandate for its affiliates to operate at least one abortion center.

The report focused on the Corpus Christie, Texas based Planned Parenthood of South Texas affiliate that announced it is resigning its status as a network of clinics aligned with Planned Parenthood because of the new abortion mandate.

CEO Amanda Stukenberg told the Corpus Christi Caller newspaper that PPST doesn’t do abortions because local abortion businesses already operate in south Texas and her organization has no plans to do abortions.

In a new interview with The Daily Caller, Lisa David, senior vice president of Health Services Support for the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, confirmed the abortion expansion and the mandate — called a “new patient services initiative.” David said abortions must be offered by at least one center operated by every Planned Parenthood affiliate, except waivers would be granted in certain “unique local circumstances.”

The new mandate also calls for more emphasis on the non-abortion services of Planned Parenthood — used as method of attracting more abortion customers and painting a picture of Planned Parenthood as something other than an abortion business.

“From well-woman exams to lifesaving breast and cervical cancer screenings, more patients will now have access to the full range of Planned Parenthood services,” David said in a statement to The DC. “To meet the needs of our patients, Planned Parenthood affiliates will now offer a unified set of core preventive services.”

David also confirmed another report — that the national Planned Parenthood abortion business plans to expand into the territory of offering sexual assault examinations in order to boost its abortion business. The news outlet said Planned Parenthood “will expand immediate access to testing for HIV and sexually transmitted infections.”

Jim Sedlack of Stop Planned Parenthood says Planned Parenthood is the last place women victimized by sexual assault or abuse should turn since the abortion business has a history of covering up such cases by doing abortions and failing to report them to authorities.

David also told the Daily Caller that every Planned Parenthood center will be required to “provide the full range of birth control method options, such as the IUD, in addition to well-woman exams including critical cancer prevention screenings.” That would have the abortion business lining up more with the Komen for the Cure Foundation, which donated $730,000 to Planned Parenthood in 2009 for cancer screenings despite the fact that abortion increases the risk a woman will contract breast cancer.

“Planned Parenthood continues its massive expansion of its abortion business while phasing out those centers that do not commit surgical or medical abortions,” Sedlack says. “Planned Parenthood leaves no stone unturned in dredging up money to build its facilities and expand its abortion business. It is time to inundate our elected representatives with the message that we must defund and repeal ObamaCare and that no government funds should ever flow to Planned Parenthood, the world’s largest abortion chain.”

The newly-revealed abortion mandates come after Planned Parenthood released an annual report showing it received $363 million in grants and funds from federal, state and local governments, made more than $1 billion in profit, and upped its share of the national abortion business to more than 26 percent.

(End of story. My comments follow.)

A Planned Parenthood office is the last place a recently assaulted woman should go. At a time like that you can just bet the victim would be emotionally vulnerable and easily swayed by suggestions to have an abortion in the event she tests positive for pregnancy. In my own experience I've met far too many women who were convinced they "needed" an abortion, only to deal with a lifetime of regret after the fact.

Mandating an abortion clinic for every affiliate makes abortion on demand more available and visible. What positive effect can that have? I see where an increased prevalence of human slaughterhouses will encourage a numbing of any outrage with a corresponding acceptance of unborn human genocide. That's certain to further the aims of PP.

I'll close by noting that a $1 billion dollar profit for a supposedly nonprofit organization is pretty good. Nice to see our tax dollars at work.

Moloch must be so proud.

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