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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mamma mia, that'sa spicy meat-a-ball!

And the rest of the pizza must have been pretty good too. But not worth $2,600.

BRISTOL, Conn., Nov. 28 (UPI) -- A woman in Bristol, Conn., says she ordered $30 worth of pizza only to find her bank account drained of $2,600.

"The guy at the register was using the credit card," Katie Boucher said. "He was pushing all kinds of buttons, and my husband knew something fishy was going on. The receipt printed out for $2,600 for our $30.50 pizza." (And she didn't start screaming right then and there? God must love stupid people, there are so many of them.)

Actually, it was a debit card linked to her checking account, WFSB-TV, Hartford, reported.

She went home, checked her account and saw not only was it empty, it had accrued $230 in overdraft fees, WFSB-TV said Friday.

Boucher called her bank and was told it would take up to 10 days before the $2,600 made it back into her account. She was advised to go to the pizza place and work it out with the owner.

She tried.

"He wanted to give me my money back in pizza," Boucher said. (At thirty bucks a pop that would come out to about eighty seven pizzas. What a deal, sounds like it's time for her and the husband to work it out ON the owner!)

The proprietor of Amano's Pizza allegedly threw her out. (She should have stayed until he called the cops. They might have persuaded the fool to pony up the money.)

"I don't like people coming in here and telling me what to do," Von Manolitsis said. "This is my business." (Guess this guy never heard of customer satisfaction. Maybe he thinks his pizzas are actually worth $2,600.)

Manolitsis eventually said he would make good on the money, WFSB-TV said. (Mighty big of him. What a guy!)

Boucher said she'll be relieved when the cash is in her hand. (She might not want to hold her breath, the guy doesn't sound like he's "customer oriented".)

And does anyone else remember this commercial?

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THIS is depressing!!
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