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Sunday, November 28, 2010

How soon before we see vigilante committees?

CORVALLIS, Ore. (AP) - Someone set fire to an Islamic center on Sunday, two days after a man who worshipped there was accused of trying to blow up a van full of explosives during Portland's Christmas tree lighting ceremony. Other Muslims fear it could be the first volley of misplaced retribution...(Here's the rest of the story)

IMO this could be an instance of John & Joan Q. Public getting damned sick and tired of hearing how Islam is a "religion of peace" every time some jihadist wannabe acts out and there is almost zippo condemnation of that "religion" from the MSM or the authorities. Hell, there's more trash talk about the Catholic Church and it's stand against abortion, homosexual acts, etc. than we ever hear about followers of the Pedophile Prophet.

I'm not condoning acts of arson, just commenting on the probable exasperation of the man in the street.

It's a historical fact that when the authorities are perceived as ineffective somebody will take matters into their own hands. Just read up on the history of vigilantes.


Unknown said...

I'm just wondering why someone needs a committee for this type of activity.

ignorant redneck said...

It might not have been a committee, but sooner or later, it's going to boil over into violence on a wide scale.

From TSA thugs to MSM non coverage, people are getting tired of being held responsible for the acts of Islamic Terrorists, and being told that they are really not Islamic at all.

most folks know that CAIR is involved in funding Jihadists, and wonder why they are the ones the slugs in the press talk to. Things like that

Subvet said...

Arby, theres strength in numbers. Also a greater chance of getting away with crimes. So for that reason I believe we'll see more organized resistance in the future.

Subvet said...

IR, I think that point of boiling over will soon be reached. Then there will be Hell to pay.

Anonymous said...

From stories I have heard since 9/11, the government, in conjunction with a compliant media, has successfully covered up a whole lot of Muslim suspicious activities. And my take on this had been for a long time, if the American public really found out today what was going on, tomorrow there wouldn't be a mosque still standing on U.S. soil.

There was the story about the explosives being driven on to SUBBASE New London, that I heard about from both sons then on active duty. One at West Point, on in CA. They hadn't talked to each other before talking to me. A paragraph about it on the local newspaper website. The website reference disappeared by the next morning. And nothing more was ever heard about it.

Muslim schoolkids all over the NYC metropolitan area brought cameras to school on 9/11. Some brief news coverage about it; no investigations ever done, and references to the cameras have disappeared.

Buffalo airport shut down for four hours, with all people inside the buildings forced out. No coverage at all in any media as to what it was about, or that it happened at all. I knew people who were forced to wait for their luggage; it happened, and was how I heard about it.

I've heard rumors of a few others, but with less substantiation than those three incidents.

I ran into someone last year higher up in the intelligence chain then my one son was. Mentioned these to him. Didn't get a no comment. Got no response at all with a subject change.

Any of the rest of you got other stories about things that didn't go bump in the night or dogs that didn't bark?

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