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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thoughts on my past weekend.

I attended my first retreat this past weekend. The wife had strongly urged my participation, something along the lines of "Listen up, if you know what's good for you..." Who can say no to that?

It's all anonymous, so I can't go into details. But there are some things I noted that I'm able to share.

1) You don't know how attached to timepieces you are unless there are none available. We were told we'd be "on God's time" and to leave them at home.

2) Our pastor is a self-styled comedian. Prior to the special Saturday evening Mass for our group he stood on the altar and greeted everyone, stating that this Mass might be longer than the usual. Then he assured us it wouldn't matter since (as he shoots his arm out of his robes and holds HIS wristwatch high) "'s only 7:30!" Funny guy.

3) I've got to work on my potty mouth. Really.

4) My wife spoils me. She bought this super wham-a-dyne air mattress for my use that blows up via an electric pump into the size of a regular mattress. I really felt guilty since the other four guys in the room either used the standard wafer thin air mattress we're all used to or brought an army cot with them. That guilt lasted until later that night when I had to go into another room to wake a man up. Both he and another guy had bigger air mattresses than I did. Ain't progress wonderful? Man, that mattress was comfy! And yes, my wife spoils me.

5) I guess most folks don't sleep too well at these things (the mattresses might be part of that). I slept like a babe, haven't had that much uninterrupted sleep in I don't know when. Not having small children climb into bed at oh-dark thirty might have played into it also.

6) I missed having small children climbing into my bed at oh-dark thirty.

7) Even men cry.

8) I didn't realize being 58 (in 9 more days if you're really picky) qualified me as "old". Bummer.

9) I actually like going to Mass. THAT one snuck up on me!

10) I've realized I've only one true fear these days, that I'll die before my children are comfortably independent. "Back in the day" I'd never have given anything like that a thought, would have figured when your time is up, it's up. Now I have that fear. Another bummer.

11) Prayer can be comforting.

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