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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Logical products of the "Culture of Death"...

Here's the story about the inventor of the "Bodyworks" exhibits. If you're unfamiliar with the term (lucky you) click on this hyperlink:
Found it via

It's a logical outcome from the decreasing value of human life we see. If life itself means next to zip (and when you have a fair amount of folk arguing it isn't of any more value than that of an animal, you're damned close to "zip")then the vessel of that life loses value also.

I remember being taught to take care when walking in a graveyard not to step on any graves. This wasn't because of some horror flick scenario where a teen gets grabbed by a skeletal hand shooting out of the ground, it was from an attitude of respect for the dead. Respect driven by a knowledge that we'll all be there someday. Not much of that these days.

The linked article is an extreme example, for other results from devaluing human life we've only to look around a bit.

Pornography? What can be more debasing than to allow your body to be used as a toy? Yet the porn "industry" now enjoys an unheard of measure of respectability as "just another lifestyle". My oldest son, while conversing with me a few years back after a silence of 3-4 years, made reference to "adult entertainment workers". I was ready to hurl and corrected him on THAT one PDQ! Even folk with no reason to engage in this filth seek it out now. Recently the daughter of Laurence Fishburne floored "Dad" by telling him she'd signed a contract to star in porn flicks. She claimed it as her life's ambition. Anyone else feeling slightly nauseous on that one?

Dress for children/preteens/tweens/teens? Glenn Beck either coined the term "prostitots" or appropriated it. It fits. Seen any of the outfits for toddler girls lately? Having "HOTTIE" plastered across the butt isn't uncommon. Personally I prefer my child to think of her own potential in other terms. As for the older kids, just take a walk thru any high school. It's like hitting the local "strip" in a sailor town on payday night.

Speaking of high schools and how things have changed over the years, some time ago I held a temp position as building engineer at one. As part of the job I had to replace a thermostat in the girl's locker room. I went there, shouted "Maintenance coming in" several times and got silence as an answer (and the wife will affirm that when I shout, I'm LOUD!) As I walked in I spied a 16-17 year old buck naked girl drying herself off in the shower. As I beat feet out the door I say, "Miss, I called into here and maybe you didn't hear it." Her response? "That's okay, c'mon in cause I don't mind." My parting words over the shoulder were, "You might not but I sure do!" Yes Virginia, things certainly have changed for the worse over the years.

Video games? I remember back in the 80's there was a real furor over an arcade game where the player simulated driving down a road and could run over numerous pedestrians. That was the goal of the sucker too! Didn't last too long back then. Just check out the latest incarnations of "Grand Theft Auto" to see where we're at now.

I could go on. But I hit the point of redundancy long before this.

What's the point?

Aside from rhetorically asking, "What the hell else did we think would happen when Roe v. Wade was recognized as de facto law and sex became more about recreation than procreation", I DO actually have a point!

Many of the prolife movement are feeling relieved about progress made in diminishing abortions, abortion mills, etc. Sorry folks, we may be slowly winning that battle but we're getting our asses quickly handed to us in the overall war.

If those of us who support traditional values concerning human life, it's presence now and in the hereafter, the abode it has on this temporal plane and the reverence due the female part of our race REALLY want to make a difference then we have a long way to go.

That means we've got to become more vocal against the practices I spoke of and many not mentioned. It's got to be a 24/7 attitude, not something to leave at the door of our houses of worship or homes. We've got to become a real pain in the ass to the culture in general. And that means resigning ourselves to "oddball" status for this life.

Maybe if enough of us do that we'll effect a change inside of 50-100 years. In the meantime a lot of prayer, penance and sacrifice are in order.

Thanks for listening.


Patrick Button said...

When we lose respect for the living we lose respect for the dead and visa versa. I used to like MASH until I saw an episode that ridiculed the Marines practice of going into combat to retrieve their fallen comrades.

Rick said...

"It's got to be a 24/7 attitude, not something to leave at the door of our houses of worship or homes." Absolutely. It is a relationship not a ritual - having God in our lives and not just a set of rules. I think people are getting sick and tired of this sex crazed culture and are feeling cheated when they lose their grace, joy, peace and virtue to a moment of carnal pleasure. And BTW, happy birthday sir.

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

All you have to do is look at the changes in the way our loved ones are being "disposed" of after their death...cremation and then having their ashes dumped into the ocean, lakes, over sports centers or turning the ashes into gems. Oh...and the latest, having them liquefied and flushed down the sewers.

Of course, the Democrats have lots of respect for the dead, that's their biggest voting bloc. ;-)

ignorant redneck said...

You're on the money here! And all these things are part of the culture of death. When we debased ourselves, reducing our view of our physical bodies to something on a par with animals, and when we decided that morals were not a product of rationality or a product of Divine Revelation, it was easy to say, they were the product of Tribal Superstition.

And now we're here.

Andwe were told we'de be here, about 2000 years ago, but we forgot.

OH--BTW: Happy birthday, Happy Birthday. Death and Dying, children crying BUT: happy birthday, happy birthday (sung to the tune of the Volga boatmen song)

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