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Friday, October 29, 2010

Bombs on a plane

Seems followers of the Pedophile Prophet were trying to blow up some Americans (again). Link here:

Watch this die a quiet death in the MSM. They'll note it and then move on to the latest story involving celebrity drug use/drunkenness/sexual excess. "Nothing to see here folks, let's not look behind that curtain."

If those packages came from Israel to be delivered to CAIR headquarters the story would never stop being played. But the Muslim masters of our government and MSM will have a cover up ordered asap. This would happen no matter what political party holds nominal control in our nation, when the followers of "Mo" yell "Jump" our politicians only ask "How high?"

It'll get a lot worse before it ever gets better.


Vigilis said...

Since the grand mosque Imam has so little sensitivity for his hosts, perhaps infidel urbanites will reciprocate by walking their dogs around the structure after it is built. Afterall, walking dogs is legal, and they would only be exercising their legal right.

Yes, infidels would be armed with pooper-scoopers, but we know how little muslims think of dogs -- and we can be insensitive, too.

Fortunately, their creed provides for many foot-washing stations.

Unknown said...

MSM = Muslim Stream Media? Main Stream Muslims? Main Stream Muslims?

sig94 said...

Stalin starved 2 million Ukes to death and the MSM did nothing. Hitler did in 6 million Jews and nothing was said until US troops walked into the middle of it despite being told of the horrors by people who had escaped. FDR was begged to bomb the railways going to the camps, but he refused.

So now this story will get short sheeted. Are we surprised?

Subvet said...

Vigilis, look for NYC's laws concerning walking dogs to be amended. Don't want to offend the sensibilities of our Muslim elite.

Subvet said...

Arby, when it comes to stories critical of them, that term might as well be Muslim Screened Media.

Subvet said...

Sig94, no reason at all for us to be surprised. It's going to get a hell of a lot worse before we reach the point where the obvious can no longer be denied.

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THIS is depressing!!
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