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Friday, September 03, 2010

Update on "My Big Mouth"

Referring back to this post;

It's now the end of week two. The wife got the teachers involved, one of them we've known for two years. Kind of reminds me of some career enlisted men I've known, they'd been around forever, knew a hell of a lot more than the command, took no shit and looked out for their troops. She was the one that FINALLY determined our kids would be dropped off at our house every day at 2:45 unless we pitched a walleyed fit with Transportation.

Since the primo consideration is the welfare of my sons and the damned school is only a few blocks away, we checked if I could come by at 3:00 to pick the boys up in their classrooms and drive them home myself. No problem, it seems children who don't ride the bus for special needs kids have to hang out in class until 3:00 anyway.

If it seems confusing after all the fuss about 2:45 being too early for a drop off at home but 3:00 being no big deal, it involves the time needed to go pick up my daughter twice a week. That's a 14 mile drive, I normally get home at 2:30. Any slowdown in traffic for construction, a fender bender, etc. will screw things up. As I mentioned before, autistic kids thrive on routine and NOT having Mom or Dad waiting for them when they should will be a catastrophe.

So getting them myself at 3:00 is fine. Pitching that walleyed fit might feel good but wouldn't do anything for our children.

While the teachers were working on our behalf and dealing with a Transportation Department that reflexively states no buses are even on the road before 2:45, the numbskull bus driver continued to promise bringing the kids home at 3:15 but kept showing up at 2:45. That happened twice, the first time my wife had to chase after the bus to get our kids. The driver told her another child had failed to get on, thus the bus was early. Her whole attitude was, "Tough shit, deal with it."

The second time it happened I was sitting in my driveway, just waiting (Fool me once and shame on you. Fool me twice and shame on me). I just got the kids off the bus and walked away. The change involving my getting the boys on the following afternoon and doing that regularly was already set up. I didn't bother telling the driver, let her find out her own damned self.

Two mornings later as she took the boys, I was asked if I'd be picking them up on a regular basis. I just looked at her and said we hadn't decided yet. Her response was, "So how am I supposed to know?" She sounded rather put out.

At that point I leaned into the bus, looked her in the eyes and said, "At the start of this week you told my wife you'd be bringing our kids home at 3:15. She wound up chasing this bus down at 2:45. You didn't admit you'd been mistaken, apologize for being wrong, nothing. My wife just had to deal with it. Right now I have no desire to "deal" with you." Then I turned around and walked off.

Haven't spoken to her since. Doubt I'll be getting a Christmas card this year. Ho hum.

I could raise some shit with the Transportation Department regarding the whole affair. But right now I figure it would be pointless. I've managed to piss off the bus driver, that fool I told to get fucked is probably still hearing the echoes of it in her ears, I'll just live with that.

The important thing is that my boys are taken care of. It's all about them, not me or my wife. The rest of the world can go to hell. My family comes first.


Unknown said...

I was moments away from telling a few adult cub scout leaders to go fuck them selves this week. I still might.

Subvet said...

Arby, isn't it amazing how many damned fools there are in positions of authority? Give them a nickel's worth of responsibility and they act like they're carrying Fort Knox in their back pockets.

sig94 said...

Civil service bureaucracies. Can't live with them, can't eat them.

Subvet said...

Sig94, I think of them as cockroaches. Maybe that's unfair to the bugs but there ya go.

ABNPOPPA said...


The most important thing is the boys are ok AND you have worked the problem out. Say 10 Hail Mary's and you should be back in good graces.

Father Pops.

WomanHonorThyself said...

Give them a nickel's worth of responsibility and they act like they're carrying Fort Knox in their back great line!

Subvet said...

Pops, only ten? Sister Mary Tarantula back at Our Lady of Perpetual Payments would've required the entire rosary!

WHT, yep. Pretty accurate too when describing petty bureaucrats.

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