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Monday, September 06, 2010

Grisly "trophies"

Don't read the following if you just ate or have a weak stomach. I've warned ya!

Washington, DC ( -- Abortion practitioners who have recently come under fire from state health departments for violating health and safety codes have an odd similarity. They both were found, after investigations of their abortion centers, to have kept the bodies of dead babies from abortions stored in jars.

As reported last week, the Maryland medical licenses of George Shepard, Jr., of Delaware and Nicola I. Riley of Utah, were suspended.

They worked for abortion business owner Steven Chase Brigham who runs abortion centers in four states -- including Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The Maryland Board of Physicians and Elkton, Maryland police compiled documents unveiling numerous problems and conducted a raid of his Maryland abortion facility. Authorities who raided Brigham's abortion center discovered the remains of 35 late-term aborted babies in jars.

As Matt Archbold, a National Catholic Register columnist, noted in a post today, "This would be a strange and horrible story if it had never happened before. But, just a few months ago, another abortionist, this one in Philadelphia, was discovered to be keeping aborted babies in jars."

In that case, officials investigating an abortion business in Philadelphia after a woman died from a botched legal abortion last November made a grisly discovery. The found dozens of apparently late-term unborn children who were killed in abortions as long as 30 years ago.

The "Shop of Horrors" case involves the West Philadelphia abortion center Women's Medical Society run by Kermit Gosnell.

State Licensing officials and DEA agents who searched the Women's Medical Society found the dozens of unborn children killed in abortions who were frozen for decades. CBS 3 indicates they are now determining whether or not they may have been victims of illegal late-term abortions.

Archbold says he believes the abortion practitioners have a fascination with death.

"I used to think that the abortion industry were simply capitalists who allowed their greed to override their humanity. I used to think that maybe it was just feminism run amok and that cooler heads would eventually prevail. I used to think that pro-lifers were simply up against the extreme of secularized logic," he wrote at NCR.

"Over the past few years though I've come to believe that it’s more than that. It’s worse than that. We're immersed in a culture with a death fetish. Our fascination with death is boundless," he adds. "Our culture increasingly sees humanity as the problem. We elevate animals in order to grant them human rights and increasingly view humans as animals."

It appears to Archbold that hate and evil are more frequently overcoming love and good.

But for him, "Hate has become so commonplace that it has lost its power to surprise me. Kindness now moves me more than hate. I have come to see love as the exception; kindness as counter cultural."

"No matter what, I think it’s time love made a comeback," he concludes.

(End of story. My commentary follows)
Is it so surprising that someone who completely denies the humanity of unborn babes would take their remains as "trophies" of his work?
Anyone who feels we aren't dead in our national soul might want to think about the implications of this story.

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MightyMom said...

this is the nastiest thing I've ever read.


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