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Thursday, August 05, 2010

The Proposition 8 ruling...

It doesn't matter if Prop. 8 is reinstated. The damage done will not be undone.

What I'm talking about is the further legitimization of homosexuality. Just by having a formal discussion on the aberration it becomes more respectable.

Homosexuality should be once again recognized for what it is, a disorder. The sufferers deserve compassion and should be urged to receive treatment. Homosexual acts should once again be made a criminal offense.

That is my two cents worth on this topic, anyone not liking it can go piss up a rope.


Cookie..... said...

Truth be known, this Cookie has many more pressing issues in my life to be concerned with someone else's sexual preferrence, however, religious beliefs aside I will say this regarding homosexuals in the military.

Any gay or lesbian who willingly volunteers to risk their physical well being or lay thier lives on the line for our country is OK with me. I wouldn't necessarily want them cooped up on a "boat" with me for 3 or 6 months but as long as they kept to their side of the fence, no harm-no foul.

Subvet said...

Cookie, I roger up on all you say. The problem is that too many (not all) of militant gays have an agenda that they're forcing onto the public at large. This includes "gay marriage".

As for homosexuals in the military, I agree with you. I've served with gay sub sailors, they kept in their pants and did their playing at home. It doesn't HAVE to be an issue.

IMO "Don't ask, don't tell" should never have seen the light of day. Once it was ennacted it became a target for the militant gays already mentioned. Once it's rescinded we'll see some flaming fairy out to "prove" their equality on national TV as they take the military to court for discrimination.

VSO said...

I don't care if Prop 8 banned artificial turf and the designated hitter. Once again we have a political activist judge overthrowing the will of the people. If a judge can overturn an amendment to the State Constitutition CALIFORNIA DOESN'T HAVE A CONSTITUTION!

It wont stop with fags "marrying". Next polygamists will say "Hey! What about us?!" and then pedophiles, and then swingers. It's also not unreasonable to conclude that Orthodox and Catholic priests (real ones not those "Spirit of Vatican 2" heretics) will be imprisoned and/or sued for not blessing what God condemns. It's happened before again and again.

I just think a person is more than what they have sex with, and it pisses me off to think that alot of so-called gays don't want this attention. You know succession is looking better everyday to me, and we're already in a cold civil war. As Dad29 says, "Buy more ammo."

Cookie..... said...

And I'm certain your prediction about militant gays will come to fruition (notice how I slipped the word "fruit" in there... ;-) ) in the near future

sig94 said...

It's the perverted agenda that grinds my ass. Government dollars - our dollars - going into "counseling" so that operverts can persuade young boys that homosexual activity is normal. They turned counseling into a dating service. More like a free brothel. Cookie - you remember that counseling joint up on Euclid and Westcott area? More of our tax dollars going into queer sex exercises in major cities under the guise of community activism. And look what the lesbos did to Platoon III just before you retired Cookie. What a f***ing mess!

Subvet said...

VSO, "Buy more ammo" is making more sense every day. Two years ago I'd have thought that was tinfoil hat thinking. Now, not so much.

Subvet said...

Cookie, ouch for the "fruit". Guess I've got that coming after leaving the "Scanners" video over at your place.

Subvet said...

Sig94, sounds like you and Cookie could write a book.

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