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Friday, July 30, 2010

Get off your butt and get to work!

I found this via, 12 Things We Used to Do Ourselves That We Pay for Today

Let me just say this about that; Are-You-Shitting-Me?

Let me go down the list quickly;

1) Lawn mowing-mine will get mowed by someone else when I can't push the mower around the yard. Hopefully that should be long after I'm fitted for a walker.

2) House Cleaning-Huh? I thought only rich folk had that done. No way, no how.

3) Home Security-Never mind some schmoe dozing at the console when a remote alarm starts blinking. We exercise our 2nd Amendment rights and have the Castle Doctorine working for us. If I call 911 about a home invasion, it'll be for a cleanup squad.

4) Cooking-Yesterday I baked some more bread. After the last bread machine bit the big one (fourth one in eight years) I said "Screw it" and started making it by hand. No problem. All other cooking is done by yours truly, did I mention I just bought a pizza stone?

5) Laundry-Who would send their jeans out for cleaning?

6) Auto Maintenance-I do what I can, with everything under the hood being computerized that list is a LOT smaller than a few decades ago. But I know not to buy halogen fluid for the headlights.

7) Childcare-Why would I pay strangers to watch my kids? The whole reason we're a single income family is to prevent that crap.

8) Car Wash-Three or four times a year the minivan gets done at the do-it-yourself around the corner. Water restrictions in this area prevent me from doing it at home (go figure).

9) Hair Cuts-Okay, THAT one gets done by a pro. But my hair is C-U-T and not "styled", plus the only type of moose I come close to is on the cover of the Field & Stream mag I read while waiting.

10) Manicures & Pedicures- They're kidding, right?

11) Coffee- A grinder from WalMart costs fifteen bucks. Since getting married I've gotten spoiled. Prior to that I bought ground coffee and that was also the brand name. GROUND COFFEE in black letters on a white background. It doubled as paint thinner. They should take everything at Starbucks and give the customers an enema with it. With the prices charged at that place they're taking it up the ass anyway.

12) Painting- People pay for someone else to do this?

Now excuse me, I've a blueberry pie to bake, laundry to wash and need to price some shingles for the broken ones I found the other day while removing an old TV antenna off the roof.


Jason said...

I have no idea how I missed this post, but whatever.

While I agreed with you on all the other items you listed, there was one that I have to say that there are circumstances where, well... Let me see if I can explain it another way.

Until very recently, my wife and I were foster parents. We've since adopted our foster children (we now have four--which is more than enough), so the need for having a security system has diminished.


Foster parents do *not* have the right to have a gun in the house. Oh, sure, they have the right to have one, but you cannot have a gun and be a foster parent. It's one of the stupidity rules. Like not being able to smoke or drink in front of/around foster children. Oh, sure, their biological parents CAN have/do all of those things, but foster parents CANNOT. We are "held to a higher standard" than biological parents.

Odd. I would think that, as a foster parent, I am the very definition of a higher standard than my foster children's biological parents. After all, I don't shoot them up with drugs, molest them, beat them with 2x4s, etc. But that's just me thinking logically. "Child Services" and "Logical" do not belong in the same sentence. At least, not right now.

So, due to our "restrictions," we could not have a gun in the home. Even when we have (yes, it really happened) been threatened--in front of the foster care worker, no less--with the bio parents' invasion of our home, killing us, and kidnapping their children.

After all, *we* are the reason their children are in the system. Not for any of the other reasons I've already mentioned.

So, my wife and I decided to get a home security system. ADP, in case you're interested.

It's proved helpful.

But now I can own a gun. I'm a happy boy again.

I just wanted you to know that there is, indeed, a reason to have one at times.

Subvet said...

Jason, under the circumstances you cite there would definetly be a need for a home security system.

I don't know if the restrictions you give exist here in Texas, they may very well. Folks in other parts of the nation seem to view us as having freedoms no longer known elsewhere. Wish that were true, at times I've made comparisons to my years in Connecticut and the Lone Star State came out looking bad.

Thanks for stopping by. I stand corrected.

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