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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I've felt like crap the last few days. Monday was the worst, had to have the wife take over caring for the kids & house. Fortunately it was evening when this happened, she was already fairly rested up and didn't have to work that night. Since then I've been able to handle things. Although it's been a bit of back & forth. "Death warmed over" describes the mornings, after some dosing with ibuprofen & acetaminophen I'm fairly human from noon till bedtime.

Tonight the wife goes to work, I give my standard nine o'clock call to check in with her. She then cheerfully informs me I have the flu, seems one of her patients of last week now has it. The bride then goes on to happily inform me (I've always hated cheerful, chirpy nurses, how did I wind up marrying one?) I've about another week of misery to look forward to. Terrific.

Could be worse, it's just the flu.

But I think part of her sunny demeanor on this is driven by memories of a "discussion" we had a few months back. She strongly urged me to get vaccinated, I just as strongly refused (hey, let the old folks and little children get it. They're more at risk than yours truly.)

So now I've just a few "told ya so's" to look forward to. Only a few.

And suggesting tried and true remedies from my bachelor days won't get any traction. "Back in the day" I'd have guzzled a quart or so of prune juice, parked myself on the throne for a while, wrapped myself in a few blankets before going to bed and woke up soaking wet but completely recovered the next day. Honest, it always seemed to work!

But She Who Must Be Obeyed doesn't buy into tried & true remedies. Nor does she tolerate too much deviation from her wishes. The lack of vaccination aside, she's been known to call 911 on my butt if I don't hustle to the ER fast enough when she thinks it's called for.


"PW" is my nickname and it doesn't stand for "Potable Water".


Unknown said...

tee hee hee......

p.s. hope you are feeling better!

Subvet said...

AM, getting there slowly but surely. Thanks for the comments.

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