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Sunday, May 23, 2010

R.I.P. Capt. Kyle A. Comfort

Army Capt. Kyle A. Comfort
Died May 08, 2010 serving during Operation Enduring Freedom

27, of Jacksonville, Ala.; assigned to the 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, Fort Benning, Ga.; died May 8 in Now Zad, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when insurgents attacked his unit using an improvised explosive device.

(The following was taken from of May 22, 2010) Goofy, loving…he loved to live.”

That is how Brooke Comfort describes her husband, Captain Kyle Aaron Comfort. “He loved riding sports bikes and the faster he could go, the happier he was,” said Brooke.

Capt. Kyle Comfort, 27, was killed in action May 8th by an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province. The combat operation in which he was involved led to the discovery of a large IED factory, according to an Army news release.

“He was a great friend, a great husband. He never met a stranger. He was just a wonderful person,” said Brooke. “I don’t think there was a single person that ever came in contact with Kyle that did not just fall in love with him. That’s just how he was.”

Kyle Comfort was a fun-loving individual who was described as a ‘glass-half full’ individual.

“His mother (Ellen Comfort) said it best. Kyle never saw the gray clouds. He saw the silver lining and the rainbow on the other side. It did not matter what the situation was, he always saw the best in it. If there was any good, he saw it even if no one else did,” said Brooke.

Brooke and Kyle met while they were working at Federal Mogul one summer. At first, Brooke did not want to go out with Kyle, but he never gave up.

“I was on first shift and he was on third, so I kind of ran into him one morning as I was coming in and he was getting off. He just came up and started talking to me and I didn’t think anything of it. I would see him out and about around town and we became friends. We were friends for about a year and he asked me out. After about a month of telling him no – he was very persistent…always – I finally went out with him and the rest is history. We were together ever since,” said Brooke.

The couple married in October of 2005. On Veteran’s Day 2009, Brooke gave birth to their daughter, Kynleigh.

It was evident that Kyle loved his family. It was also obvious how much he loved his country. Capt. Comfort was a fire support officer in Company D, 3rd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment.

“Kyle always thought what we were doing meant something,” said Brooke. “He thought we were making a difference and he believed in what we were doing. He loved his country and he was born to be a soldier. If they told him to go, he was ready to go.”

Kyle brought his positive outlook and fun loving nature with him overseas.

“He would always make the best of every situation,” said Brooke. “At one point he had became good friends with some pilots and somehow finagled his way to have two helicopters deliver 50 something pizzas to his men. Pizza Hut pizza in the middle of the desert, who would of thought? But, he did it and that was just the type of person he was.”

Brooke said she hopes that people will take from this a better understanding of the cost of freedom.

“I hope people realize what it is to live in the land of the free. This is what these guys are fighting for,” said Brooke. “I want people to know what kind of person he was and what kind of soldier he was. He will always be a hero to me whether to anybody else or not. He will always be my hero.”

Six-month-old Kynleigh has a broad, easy smile just like her father.

“His daughter, although she will never know who he was personally, she will always know what type of man her father was,” Brooke said. “I see so much of him in her already at six months old. And it won’t just be me. Anyone that knows him can help live out his legacy. She can talk to just a couple of people and know just by talking to them what kind of man her father was. He was wonderful and she will know that.”

At the family’s request, a memorial scholarship is being established in Kyle Comfort’s name at Jacksonville State University, where Kyle graduated in 2006. Memorial contributions may be made to the JSU Foundation, Inc., 700 Pelham Road N., Jacksonville, AL 36265. Please indicate on your contribution that it is in memory of Capt. Kyle Comfort. Also, a fund for his daughter has been established at (under the Donate tab).

On Monday, The local community gathered together in show of support of the Comfort family and to honor the sacrifice the Kyle made. Hundreds lined the streets waving flags, signs and wearing shirts decorated with messages of hope.

Businesses changed their signs from sales and deals to love and support. The square was decorated as well. Yellow ribbons were tied around the light poles and the fire department displayed a giant American flag for the funeral procession to drive under. Hundreds of area bikers congregated to help lead the procession. Brooke said that the support shown was unbelievable.

“I just want to thank the community. I am just absolutely overwhelmed with how everyone has just come together in support of us,” said Brooke. “Words cannot describe how thankful I am for everyone in this community. I have never been more proud to say that I am from here.”

When asked if Kyle was here today, what would he think about all the community support, Brooke knew exactly what the local hero would do.

“You know, I don’t think he would say anything,” said Brooke. “He would probably just smile and he would probably have a tear rolling down his cheek, as he would be so filled with pride. I know he would.”

Cpt. Kyle’s Aaron Comfort’s Military Awards

• Ranger Tab

• Parachutist Badge

• Air Assault Badge

• Overseas Service Medal

• Army Service Ribbon

• Global War on Terrorism Service Medal

• Iraq Campaign Medal with combat star

• National Defense Service Medal

Posthumous Recognitions for Cpt. Kyle Aaron Comfort

• Purple Heart for wounds received in action.

• The Meritorious Service Medal for exceptionally meritorious service while assigned to the 3rd Battalion 75th Ranger Regiment.

• The Bronze Star Medal for exceptionally meritorious achievement as a Ranger Fire Support Officer for a joint task force in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

• Alabama State Flag, a certificate of commendation and a certificate in memory of Comfort.

• The Distinguished Service Medal, the highest honor of the State of Alabama.

• The Gold Star Banner presented by the Blue Star Salute Foundation and American Legion in recognition of Comfort’s sacrifice for our nation.

• Combat Action Badge

Family and Friends reflect on Comfort

“[Cpt. Comfort’s] sense of team play, courage and selfless service will live on as ideal examples of what a Ranger should be as we continue our fight.” – Col. Dan Walrath, Comfort’s battalion commander

“He was just a very outgoing, funny, very relatable guy,” – David Buckner, Comfort’s best man at his wedding

“We are humbled by Captain Comfort’s selfless service to our country and are most grateful for his sacrifice, as well as that of his family,” – Dr. William A. Meehan, JSU President

“He had an uncanny ability to bring a sense of humor to all conversations and make friends with anyone,” – Cpt. Chris Hopes.

“Kyle exemplifies everything that is right with this country. He was a true professional, a selfless leader of the highest caliber. A ranger capable and willing to tirelessly answer our great nation’s call to duty, discounting hardship and fear to honorably serve others.” – Col. William Ostlund

“Five minutes in a room with Kyle Comfort and you either wanted to marry him or be his best friend. That’s who he was. Kyle went to God doing what his passion was.” – David Sayers, Kyle’s Brother-in-law

“He lived a great life and accomplished many things many of us never will, he had things most of us look for and never find.” – Kenneth Comfort, Kyle’s brother.

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