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Sunday, May 02, 2010

"Peaceful" illegals my butt!

Found via Newsbusters;

May Day Immigration Protests: The Other Side of 'Mostly Peaceful'
By Bob Parks
Created 05/02/2010 - 18:13

[1]Funny how this went unnoticed [2] by the broadcast media....

A large group of protesters demonstrating at a May Day rally for worker's and immigrant rights downtown broke off into a riot vandalizing about a dozen businesses around 10:30 p.m. Saturday, police said.

Many in the group were carrying makeshift torches as they marched, breaking storefront windows and writing 'anarchist graffiti' on buildings, according to Capt. Steve Clark. Many businesses sustained multiple broken windows including very large storefront windows at Urban Outfitters and The Rittenhouse building. Police believe at least 15 businesses suffered damage.

Now we all know that the slightest amount of liberal violence equals 'mostly peaceful' in the media style book, but we also know what the reporting would be like if we weren't talking about illegal aliens and the anarchist offspring of the far left.

Also buried on page three of a story in the Los Angeles Times [3] (with no pictures)...

As at the earlier demonstration, the Wilshire march was peaceful, with something of a fiesta atmosphere, although afterward about 100 rowdy demonstrators faced off with police, some throwing bottles and breaking windows. Police arrested two males on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon after an officer was hit in the chest.

Also in MacArthur Park, three men set fire to the corners of two plastic American flags using cigarette lighters and held them up to the crowd. After the flags were burned, someone threw an object at the men, hitting them.

See if this story gets any play while the media continues to remind us how much illegals and their supporters mean to our society.


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Yeah, it's downright hilarious. As for what "illegals and their supporters mean to society", I clean my own home, do my own yardwork and don't eat that many fruits & veggies.


Benito said...

I will tell you what I have seen these last few days I saw our beloved Stars and Stripes flag, the flag from Mexico and some flags from other countries. I saw children, parents and grand parents together in solidarity, my people the working class, they may not be sophisticated but they got the message heard. From publish reports the demonstrations included both US citizens and undocumented workers. This brought me a smile because I always enjoy seeing brothers helping brothers.

This reminds me of a parable from the good book where a Levite and Priest come upon a man who fell among thieves and they both individually passed by and didn't stop to help him. Finally a man of another race came by, he got down from his beast, decided not to be compassionate by proxy and got down with the injured man, administered first aid, and helped the man in need. Jesus ended up saying, this was the good man, this was the great man, because he had the capacity to project the "I" into the "thou," and to be concerned about his brother.

You see, the Levite and the Priest were afraid, they asked themselves, "If I stop to help this man, what will happen to me?"

But then the Good Samaritan came by. And he reversed the question: "If I do not stop to help this man, what will happen to him?"

As I see it, we should stand-up against a law is passed in anger and is against our Constitution/ Bill of Rights/ Declaration of Independence and is targets a specific group.

God bless all my brothers and sister that stood side by side with our brothers and sisters in need. When our judgment comes I know God will not discriminate by country of origin as men do.

Subvet said...

"...the demonstrations included both US citizens and undocumented workers."

That sounds so much better than illegal aliens (which is the truth shorn of all PC terminology).

"...we should stand-up against a law is passed in anger and is against our Constitution/ Bill of Rights/ Declaration of Independence and is targets a specific group."

It was passed, not in anger but in desperation borne of the Feds doing zip about the problem. It's status vis-a-vis the Constitution/Bill of Rights/Declaration of Independence will be determined by the courts. It targets a specific group, a specific group of criminals.

"Illegal" isn't a race, it's a crime.

VSO said...

Troll, how dare you invoke Holy Scripture to justify invasion? What in scripture gives anyone the right to break our laws by sneaking into our country? I also saw many of these criminals wearing Che Guevarra shirts and waving flags with the image of that commie murderer, and that doesn't fly well with us.

I see mexicans who came here illegally, protesting American laws in America. Mexico protects it's southern border, why can't we? It's also in the Mexican constitution that foreign countries can't interfere with Mexican policy.

Like Subvet said, "illegal" isn't a race, it's a crime. And people in Arizona got sick and tired of MS13 and mexican drug cartels kidnapping and murdering in their State and the Feds not doing a damn thing! ESPECIALLY UNDER BUSH!!


These criminals aren't immigrants, they're colonists and invaders.

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