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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Goodbye, Knights of Columbus...

I'd joined the Knights of Columbus after returning to the Catholic Church with the idea of committing myself more deeply to Catholicism by it. They do a lot of good works, such as working at the Special Olympics, caring for residents at a veteran's home, etc. All in all, pretty good. They also provide security at prayer vigils for the prolife efforts of my parish. Fairly good.

So when I read the following my first thought was, "Oh shit, just when you think somebody might have a bit of spine..." Here's the link; Knights of Columbus refuse to allow suspension of members who promote abortion, gay marriage

I'm reminded of Christ saying that no tree can give forth fruit both bitter or sweet. It's going to be one or the other in the long run. It's why my wife left the Methodist Church a couple of years ago. They also do good work, but their endorsement of "women's reproductive rights" puts them beyond the pale. Can I do any less than follow that example?


Well I guess I'll just let my membership expire and when quizzed as to why, reference the above listed news byte.

The following are the thoughts of another prominent Catholic poster, they pretty well sum up my own thinking; of Knights and bishops... and getting rooked


Anonymous said...

When I left for boot camp, my dad told me, "Just remember, the Navy is only as good or bad as the guy on watch". I met some really good sailors, and there were those that needed to be shitcanned. Since then, I've grown up enough to know that Dad's wisdom was just common sense, and it applies to any human endeavor.
Shy of heaven, ain't nuttin' perfect.

Having said all that, I will say it is disappointing about the KofC's history regarding pro-abort politicians. And yet, I know on the local level here in Kansas our councils have a strong pro-life ethic. Fortunately, we have not had the same political issues come up, but I am confident we would not put up with a scandalous member.

What I have not heard of yet is a council actually taking action and then having it reversed by Supreme. If that occurred, the situation might indeed become intolerable. All I'm hearing right now is a lot of "what ifs".

I think we all need to write/email Supreme on this issue.

Subvet said...

Thanks for the more reasoned perspective Cliff. I think you're right, contacting the Supreme Knight and letting our displeasure known is the best action to take.

OperationCounterstrike said...

There will be PAYBACK for Dr. Tiller. There will be COUNTERTERROR against right-to-lifers.

Right-to-lifers owe blood for eight terrorist murders. Someone should kill eight famous right-to-lifers.

Who should the first targets be?

Subvet said...

Isn't it cute how unsupervised children will put the damndest things on the internet? How precious.

Mary Ellen said...

Subvet- I was going to say the same thing as Cliff...I think this should be brought up with the Supreme Knight (although I didn't know there was a name for the top guy...just figured there's always someone at the top you can report to.)

Anyway, I have the feeling there are a lot more like you who feel this strongly. Why walk away...stay and try to fix it.

Regarding the threat that was given by OC...that was a threat of terrorism and should be reported to the FBI. I'm not the bastard and maybe he'll think twice about playing big shot on the internet.

Subvet said...

Mary Ellen, you're right about staying and trying to fix it. I'll be sending some queries to the Supreme Knight.

As for the troll, I hadn't thought of it as worth the FBI. That might be needed though, it's the ones like him that get a pass who are most likely to wind up on the front page of a newspaper.

Steve said...

Subvet, I'm a 3rd Degree. Remember, our principles - Charity, Unity, Fraternity, Patriotism. We don't cast aside, we instruct and bring our brothers back into the fold, especially those who have gone astray in service to our nation.

And we stand in unity with our bishops. We can admonish from within but we should never show them up.

And one last word, the brothers that would get kicked out probably aren't that involved anyway. Let's focus our energies on the real battles that Christ is asking us to fight. Let's cut out the distractions!

Anonymous said...

@Steve - well put. One caveat, on the local level there may be an instance where a well-known knight is a well-known public figure, and he may need instructed, admonished, prayed over, who knows what, but if all that fails and his actions are causing scandal, then yes he should be booted with or without any say from the bishop.

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