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Monday, May 31, 2010

Educate your kids, no matter what...

The wife and I decided NOT to homeschool primarily because our autistic boys need a routine contact with their peers. The socialization aspect of their disorder makes it a major concern. Otherwise, I'd given serious thought to bringing the classroom into the home.

That might still happen, anyone following the news lately knows that Texas' state school board has recently adopted new standards in the social studies area that are giving some of the more liberal institutes in other states a case of the willies. That isn't a bad thing, IMO.

However, in reading about the greater than anticipated flexibility publishing houses have in providing what the customer wants I was surprised by one small part.

What caught my eye was the following; "...The superintendent has noted that if all 50 states were to approve national education standards, appropriate textbooks would be easier to find. Only two states have balked at those standards—Alaska and Texas."

The rest of the article is here;

So, only two states are holding the line against Big Brother deciding what will be taught nationwide? THAT gives pause for thought. I've no interest in my kids learning about how the Erie Canal was built, not when they might have to give up time that could have been spent learning about the legacy of the Alamo. Living in a border state makes me want them to know more about the local history and how we've gotten along with our neighbor to the south. Especially one as untrustworthy as Mexico.

Homeschooling may still be an option. Regardless, I'll be gathering some texts for future reference of my own. I still recall the feeling of disgust I had when speaking to my now 26 yr. old son when he was in middle school. The kid knew all about the Greek gods but damned little about American history. That was in Connecticut in what up till then I'd thought was a good public school. Since then we've had all too few discussions regarding history. More than otherwise but not enough for my taste.

Bottom line, only you can insure the education your kids receive is adequate.

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MightyMom said...

Summer school? Yikes

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THIS is depressing!!
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