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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Silencing a voice of moral outrage...

Washington D.C., Mar 24, 2010 / 03:03 am (CNA).- A prominent Catholic writer says “selective” and “salacious” reporting of Catholic clergy in the aftermath of clerical sexual abuse scandals is being used to discredit a “powerful moral voice” in public debate. Acknowledging genuine abuse, she says present day anti-clericalism echoes the slanders of pre-Revolutionary France.

That view comes from Elizabeth Lev, an art historian who has written for Inside the Vatican, Sacerdos and First Things magazine. A regular columnist for Zenit, she is also the daughter of former U.S. Ambassador to the Vatican Mary Ann Glendon.

“While no one denies the wrongdoing and the harm caused by a small minority of priests, their misconduct has been used to undermine the reputations of the overwhelming majority of clergy who live holy quiet lives in their parishes,” Lev writes at Politics Daily.

Lev sees parallels between the “sustained hostile attacks” on Catholic clergy in pre-Revolutionary France and present-day media depictions of the Catholic Church.

After the National Assembly in 1789 diminished the authority of the French King, fierce accusations against the Catholic clergy increased.

“Isolated cases of clerical immorality were magnified to make depravity appear endemic to the entire priesthood (ironically, in an age where sexual libertinism was running rampant),” Lev writes. “The French propagandists labored night and day, dredging the past for old scandals whether decades or even centuries distant.”

She cites the words of politician and writer Edmund Burke, who in 1790 noted these polemicists depicted French clergy as “a sort of monsters,” composed of sloth, fraud and avarice.

"It is not with much credulity I listen to any when they speak evil of those whom they are going to plunder. I rather suspect that vices are feigned or exaggerated when profit is looked for in their punishment,” Burke wrote, just as revolutionaries prepared for mass confiscation of Church lands.

Lev charges that “salacious” reporting on clerical sexual abuse is conducted as if the crimes were limited only to Catholic clergy. They have been given more prominence than present-day massacres of Christians in India and Iraq.

“It doesn't take the political acumen of an Edmund Burke to wonder why the Catholic Church has been singled out for this treatment.”

According to Lev, there are an estimated 39 million victims of childhood sexual abuse in the U.S. Between 40 and 60 percent of these were abused by a family member, five percent were molested by school teachers, and fewer than two percent were abused by Catholic priests.

“But to read the papers, it would seem that Catholic clergy hold a monopoly in child molestation,” her Politics Daily article continues.

She sees behind the attacks on Catholic priests attempts to “destroy the credibility of a powerful moral voice in public debate.”

Media reports on sex abuse rose to a “frenzy” at the same time as the final vote on the health care bill was opposed by the Catholic bishops, she claims.

“To silence the moral voice of the Church, the preferred option has been to discredit its ministers.”

Burke saw the anti-clerical campaign as a temporary preparation for the “utter abolition” of Christianity by bringing its ministers into “universal contempt,” Lev says, remembering the hundreds of priests sent to the guillotine during the Reign of Terror.

“One hopes Americans will have the good sense to change course long before we reach that point,” her Politics Daily essay concludes.

I look at all things through the lens of personal experience, there is just so damned much lying done by EVERYONE in order to support their agenda. And everyone has an agenda, make no mistake about it.

So when I come across articles like this I think of any thing in my past life or of the lives of people I trust. It's limited but reliable.

Can't count the number of women I've known who were molested by a family member, it's almost epidemic.

Known of two women seduced by high school coaches.

Back in the '60's when hitchhiking was more common, main roads near the Catholic high schools were the favorite trolling grounds for pedophiles. This was done about the time extra curricular activities would conclude.

I know of one former seminarian who left because of the "lavender mafia". Thats over a span of 57 years. So although it happens, it's rare. But even so, that's one too many.

The most horrible thing about this is it happens to the most innocent by those who should be trusted more than the average man on the street. In addition, the perpetuation of it by the willful enablers in the Church with their silence and "taking care of their own" has made it exponentially worse. They should spend eternity getting cornholed by the legions of Hell.

I agree with this writer, the subject is currently being used to bludgeon the Church into irrelevance. She's right that the Catholic Church is singled out because of it's strong voice on moral issues. As much as many of us would roll our eyes at the moral equivalence heard from the mouths of the USCCB and others, Catholics DO have a strong voice in anything dealing with morality.

By comparison, how often does the local church of "I'm okay, you're okay" have it's transgressions pasted across the front page of the local fish wrap?


The Dutchman said...

Hitler did the same thing. Dr. Goebbels was a fanatical anti-Catholic who would play up (or even invent) instances of clerical misconduct in order to discredit the Church.

Statistics show that rates of molestation are higher among Protestant clergy but, as these churches tend to be incorporated one parish at a time, suing them is not as profitable as going after the deep pockets of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Subvet said...

Dutch, I wasn't aware of any specific things Hitler did. But what you relate isn't surprising.

The higher rates of molestation amongst Protestants is no shocker either, the Pentecostal church I once attended had a pastor with a knock-dead gorgeous wife. The poor guy once related to me how other clergy would hit up on her anytime his back was turned. She was as faithful and devoted to him as was humanly possible but that didn't stop the clerical wolves.

Thanks for stopping by.

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