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Monday, February 08, 2010

What a difference a year can make...

In the last year we've seen the apparent demise of "cap and trade", the setback of "comprehensive" health care reform, a complete silence on the Freedom Of Choice Act (FOCA), the rapid growth of the Tea Party, and loss of complete one-party rule in the Senate. The trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was scheduled to take place in NYC and is now being relocated/put off for the foreseeable future. The wheels of the Obama Bus are generally flying off in all directions. Been awhile since any schools renamed themselves after him.

The Global Warming crowd is now busily trying to make us believe the nonsense of their skewed information at East Anglia University in the UK is irrelevant. Meanwhile the UN tries explaining away the fact their data on melting glaciers was based on the opinions of professional snow bunnies.

The proabort crowd has made complete fools of themselves over a very mild prolife Super Bowl ad, embryonic stem cell research is fast fading into the sunset in places like California at the same time that Prop. 8 passed in the Bear Republic.

Life is by no means a bowl of cherries now. We've had the Ft. Hood massacre and the politically correct driven thinking about the Pedophile Prophet and his followers continues. It might take another 9/11 style incident to wake the knuckleheads in Foggy Bottom up on that score.

On that same topic, I don't know whether to laugh or scream about the "BVD Bomber" who only succeeded in making himself a eunuch on Christmas Day. At the very least more attention is being paid to the joke air travel security has become. Hopefully it'll all work out for the best. But I'll not be flying in the forseeable future.

Iran promises to continue developing nukes, Israel will undoubtedly do whatever is necessary for it's own survival. WWIII could very well become reality over that alone.

Despite setbacks, the militant gays and their supporters continue pecking away at the education system, the institution of marriage, and our kids are more at risk for moral corruption paid for by the public's tax dollars than before. The epidemic of porn and it's acceptance continues with no real end in sight as our culture becomes indistinguishable from an overflowing cesspool.

But things don't look as bleak as they did last year, at least from my own limited perspective. I'm reminded by the few items I've listed and several personal events (that will stay that way) of an old saying I'd come across when I initially got sober.

It goes along the lines of, "When you see ten disasters barreling down the road of Life towards you, the chances are that at least nine will go into the ditch before becoming a real problem."

How true that can be. Time gives a different perspective in more than one way.

Excuse me now, gotta go make up a gratitude list.

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MightyMom said...

you're at the top of my gratitude list.

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THIS is depressing!!
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