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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sexual deviants in the Maine school system...

Found this via Pewsitter at;

Private and Public Schools Subject to Transgendered Guidelines
By Staff of the Christian Civic League of Maine
Feb 19, 2010 - 11:46:37 AM

The Record wishes to share news of urgent importance to all Christians in Maine. The Maine Human Rights Commission is preparing educational guidelines which will apply to schools across Maine, both private and public. The guidelines will require schools to allow transgendered students access to facilities of the opposite sex, including bathrooms and locker rooms. The guidelines will be discussed at a public hearing in Augusta on Monday, March 1st.

The Maine Human Rights Commission has reassured the public that the guidelines are merely intended to give guidance to schools. But a document recently obtained by the Christian Civic League of Maine reveals that the Commission is being less than candid. The new document shows that the Commission has already promised homosexual rights advocates that the guidelines will eventually be re-issued as regulations with the force of law. In an April 1, 2009 memo to Mary Bonauto of the organization GLAD, and other homosexual rights activists, the attorney for the Commission, John P. Gause, writes,

"We will now move forward with submitting the Guidance to the Commissioners....If there is anything else you would like us to consider before that, please email or send that to me...On the regulations front Pat (Pat Ryan, Executive Director of the Commission) and I have decided to give the Guidance some time before moving in that direction. We do plan to promulgate, together with the Department of Education, further regulations in education (perhaps addressing more than just sexual orientation), but we want to give the Guidance some time before doing that. Of course, because that process is going to take some time when we do start it, it is never too early to be thinking about what the regulations will include. We would welcome your thoughts and suggestions on that at any time."

A second memo by Gause states that the Commission is "in the beginning stages of promulgating regulations in education" similar to those regulations which cover sexual orientation in employment.

The League has also learned the startling news that the effort to introduce the new guidelines fell through in an August 2009 meeting because of resistance from the Commissioners themselves. An August 10, 2009 memo from Gause to various homosexual rights leaders shows that the Commission put off a vote on the proposed guidelines until representatives from schools and colleges could speak on the issue. The memo reveals that the March 1st meeting is the result of opposition from Commission members who wanted to hear more on the issue of requiring boys to play on girls' sports teams.

The guidelines are based on Maine's "Sexual Orientation Law" passed in 2005. The Christian Civic League vigorously opposed the law in a hard-fought referendum campaign. At the time, Mike Heath, the former Executive Director of the League, warned that the law would eventually require schools to grant transgendered children access to facilities of the opposite sex. Despite the best efforts of the League, the referendum was rejected, setting the stage for the eventual application of the law to public and private schools.

The Maine Human Rights Commission first applied the Sexual Orientation Law to schools in a case involving a transgendered student at Asa Adams Elementary School in Orono. The case arose when the parents of a transgendered boy demanded that their son be allowed to use the girls' bathroom. The school offered the boy the use of the teachers' unisex bathroom, a compromise the boy's parents rejected. The MHRC ruled in favor of the boy's parents, who then sued the school in Penobscot Superior Court.

In early February, the League learned information about the proposed new guidelines which up until now has not been disclosed to the public. This new information reveals that the guidelines will apply to all schools in Maine, with the exception of Christian and parochial schools, and will have the force of law. Schools which violate the guidelines will receive a summons to appear before the Commission. The procedure for bringing a charge of discrimination against a school consists of filling out a simple one-page document. If the Commission rules in favor of the Complainant, the case can be used to bring a lawsuit against the school for monetary damages.

The League has also learned that the Boston-based homosexual rights organization GLAD (Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders) was given a major role in writing the proposed guidelines, which are based in part on existing guidelines used by schools in San Francisco and Los Angeles.

The Maine Principals' Association, the Maine School Management Association, and a representative of the University of Maine at Orono have already opposed the guidelines. They have expressed their concern that schools will be forced to allow boys to participate in girls' sports, giving an unfair advantage to teams with transgendered players. The League has also learned that GLAD is still vigorously advocating sending transgendered boys to girls' teams, saying that to fail to do so is discriminatory.

The public hearing will be held at the Senator Inn in Augusta on Monday March 1st. The League urges all concerned citizens to attend the meeting to express their opposition to the proposed guidelines. If you are not able to attend the meeting, we urge you to write the Commissioners and submit your written testimony in advance. The names of the Commissioners and the contact information for the Commission is listed below. The mailing address of the Commission is 51 State House Station - Augusta, Maine 04333-0051.

Commission Members

Patricia Ryan, Executive Director

Paul K. Vestal, Jr.

Sallie Chandler

Joseph Perry

Kenneth Fredette

A. Mavourneen Thompson

First I'll say that what someone else does in the privacy of their home is none of my business. Period. Homosexual acts are sinful but so are obesity, viewing porn, and conducting satanic rituals. I'm not if favor of checking someone's dinner plate, monitoring their mail or looking for sacrificed goats in the garbage. Nor do I wish to have spycams aimed at the bedroom windows of a gay couple. I've my own sins to worry about and someone else's would either bore me or make me jealous, neither of which I need.

But over the years the gay rights folk have become increasingly aggressive, as evidenced by the article above. If that isn't true please explain why it's so damned important for "Bruce" to use the women's toilet at his high school? His sexuality should never enter into ANY part of the normal school day and shouldn't be highlighted by himself or others (including homophobic bullies, IMO they're the same kids who a few years prior to high school were busily pulling the wings off flies).

So in pure self interest folks like myself (and I doubt I'm unique in this) are speaking up more often and more loudly about how inappropriate crap like this is. If "Bruce" or "Butch" want to tell the world about their same sex attraction, let them get a permit and stand on a soap box in the nearest public park.

But schools should be for learning what's needed in the way of subjects such as math, history, proper use of the English language, etc. They shouldn't be a forum for debate on sexual "rights". Period.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Like you, I could care less what two people (consenting adults) do in the privacy of their bedroom, but when perversions of any kind are rubbed in my face, I draw the line and will speak my mind, and when it comes to perverting the minds and morals of our children, it is very likely I will become physical.

I say it is high time that parents pull their kids out of school and let the public school system collapse or shape up.

Subvet said...

Amen Reverend.

ABNPOPPA said...

Well what the hell do you expect from the state that gives us Olympia Snowe. Maine is about as homosexual a state is San Fransisco is a homesexual city.


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