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Saturday, March 27, 2010

No outrage for sexual abuse of children...

I'm talking about the outrage lacking for the abuse of children by anyone OTHER than Catholic priests.

We've an epidemic of child abuse going on in this world, I honestly believe that. This opinion is based (as most of mine are) on a lot of personal experiences by myself and other folks I trust. But to hear the news organs of our time it doesn't exist. Unless it involves Christians in general and Catholics in particular.

You want a religion that condones sexual abuse of children? Try Islam, damn it their "Prophet" was a outright child rapist. This is the man held up as a model for all his followers. Think that crap died in the 7th century? Well think again;

Note that this story did NOT come from the NY Times or any other MSM outlet now shrilly condemning the Pope. (And a big h/t to Harry at Garbonzotoons for carrying that linked article).

If you're outraged about grown men coming on to teen aged boys, how do you feel about ten year old girls getting boned by men 40 or 50 years senior to them? It isn't an issue of "a different culture", it isn't because of a "different value system". Evil remains evil, no matter where it's found.

The relativistic way of thinking breaks down if we consider other things Islam condones, like slavery. Check out the sites of human rights organizations and find out where slavery is most prevalent IN THIS DAY AND AGE! It's overwhelmingly in Islamic countries and we condemn it. Rightfully so, because there is no problem there in condemning evil. But once the topic shifts to men "marrying" children, the silence is deafening because of the "I'm okay, you're okay" mindset kicking in. Nobody really gives a damn about the children then.

To sum it up; it isn't a different set of values that are culturally driven. It's perverts having their way with children. Perverts condoned and covered for by their religious/national leaders throughout the world. And there is diddle squat coverage of it in our modern media. When did we last hear about calls for an imam to resign because he endorsed the raping of little girls?

What about the nonstory concerning our public school teachers who molest children? WHAT ABOUT THE PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHERS IN THIS COUNTRY?? For anyone who thinks that sort of thing constitutes isolated incidents not worthy of attention, check this out; Sex Abuse by Teachers Said Worse Than Catholic Church

Note again that the MSM was silent when this came out in 2004, only the alternative media publishes the story. But the report was from a scholar at Hofstra University, not exactly a cow college in the middle of the EBF, Egypt.

Here's a link to the report cited;

So where is the outrage?

Speaking of schools and other related topics, how about the government appointed "safe schools czar"?

Where in hell is the outrage about our tax dollars supporting this jerkoff?

I'm not excusing the scum within our Church. But if everyone is going to get their panties in a twist over abuse that happened decades ago, I think it only fair to wonder about a lack of interest in present day abuse.

Is the outrage really for the sake of innocent children, or is it driven by a desire to drag Christians in general and Catholics in particular through the mud?

Yeah, it's a stupid question.


Unknown said...

You’ve gotta love this quote, “student-teacher sex that is consensual or between an adult and minor child close to the age of consent.” Close doesn’t cut it. It is either statutory rape or it isn’t. “The onus” cannot be placed on the student, as a judge clearly unqualified to sit on the bench claimed, because a 13 year old boy is not at the age of consent. Situations like this anger me beyond words, and I’ve written about it on my blog. If it is any meager consolation, World Net Daily maintains a running list of teacher sex offenders, and publishes stories about them regularly.

Subvet said...

WND, another member of the alternative media. Figures, doesn't it? In the meantime, the local fishwrap will be hyping "American Idol" wannabes from the local area.

Vigilis said...

Let's not lose hope as the proverbial pendulum swings now in evil's direction. We are infested with wickedness all around the world, but the good are not giving up.

Leaders who believe in no higher moral authority must be shown for what they are --- wanton animals.

In fact, they actually help us accomplish just that as they cannot change their hedonistic habits.

Mary Ellen said...

Those bigots who hate the Catholic Church could care less about the kids that were abused, but they just use it as an excuse to spew their hatred. I wouldn't be surprised if those that scream the loudest about the sexual abuse by the priest spend hours a day looking at porn on their computers.

Like you, I was appalled when the stories broke on the sex abuse. No one was harder on our church leaders than the parishioners who sit in their pews. In fact, many in our parish refused to put money in the basket on Sunday until they were assured that the money wouldn't be spent to bail out the priests or used for pay-offs for the victims.

No...this is just sheer ignorance and bigotry against the Catholic Church which has now become politically correct and acceptable. Such things would never be said about a Jewish Rabbi because if you utter a word against the Jewish faith, you're dubbed an anti-Semitic. But Rabbi's have been caught sexually abusing children, too.

Subvet said...

Vigilis, kind of a slam on animals isn't it?

Mary Ellen, some years back a book came out describing Catholic bashing as the last acceptable prejudice. It was written by an Episcopalian, so you know that the bashing is fairly obvious.

ignorant redneck said...


The Navy is/was by statute the Nations first line of defense. And Yep, there you are, a rusty old candidate for razor blades steaming out gallantly to proclaim the truth!

If ther e were such a thing as reincarnation, I think you were the old USS. Stansbury--an old four stacker that was on the Murmansk run '42-'43, that sank some very surprized wolf-packers!

Thank You, Brother

Subvet said...

"...a rusty old candidate for razor blades..."

I like to think of myself as "well seasoned".

Thanks for the kudos, shipmate.

ABNPOPPA said...

Well said, young man, well said!


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