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Thursday, January 07, 2010

R.I.P. Tech Sgt. Anthony C. Campbell

Air Force Tech. Sgt. Anthony C. Campbell Jr.

35, of Florence, Ky.; assigned to the 932nd Civil Engineer Squadron, Scott Air Force Base, Ill.; died Dec. 15 in Helmand province, Afghanistan, of wounds sustained from the detonation of an improvised explosive device.

(Taken from of Dec. 22, 2009) FLORENCE, Ky. – Family, friends and a grateful community paid their last respects Tuesday to a Cincinnati police officer and Air Force sergeant killed while serving in Afghanistan.

Hundreds attended the visitation Tuesday morning for Tech Sgt. Anthony C. "Tony" Campbell, who was killed while trying to disarm an improvised explosive device last week.

The funeral services for the 35-year-old have begun at Florence Baptist Church.

Campbell had been serving as a Cincinnati police officer for just a few weeks before he was deployed.

"He was my best friend and a wonderful husband and father," wrote his widow Emily Campbell in a program given to those who attended the Tuesday visitation at Florence Baptist Church at Mt. Zion.

"He dedicated his life to his country," she said.

Hundreds upon hundreds stood in line for a chance to express their sympathy for the family.

He died last week from wounds he suffered after an Improvised Explosive Device detonated. The Air Force tech sergeant was serving in Afghanistan as an explosive ordinance disposal specialist.

The 1992 Boone County high school graduate had his mother sign his enlistment papers at the age of 17 so he could join the Air Force.

In 2009 he became a Cincinnati police officer and served at downtown's district one headquarters before he was deployed to Afghanistan.

In an additional statement his widow thanked the community for their support at this most difficult time.

"On behalf of the Campbell family I would like to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation for the outpouring of love and support we have received over the last week. The love that has been shown for my husband, Anthony, myself, and our grieving family has gone beyond my imagination," she said.

A medal ceremony will be held at Florence Baptist Church at Mt. Zion after which the remains of Tech Sgt. Campbell will be taken to the Veterans Cemetery in Williamstown. His funeral service will be held at the church before he is laid to rest.

Campbell is also survived by three children.


Unknown said...

My son had the honor of welcoming Tech Sgt. Campbell home at Wright-Patt.
May Almighty God bless this hero and May God comfort his family who loves him so.

Mike Golch said...

may this great man who gave his all for his country rest in peace,and that god conforts his loved ones.

Subvet said...

Amen to both of your sentiments.

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