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Friday, January 29, 2010

R.I.P. HM2 Xin Qi

Navy Hospital Corpsman 2nd Class Xin Qi (No photo available)

25, of Cordova, Tenn.; assigned to Fourth Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion, Marine Expeditionary Brigade-Afghanistan; died Jan. 23, while supporting combat operations in Afghanistan.

(Taken from news8austin of Jan. 27, 2010) A U.S. Navy Sailor and former University of Texas student was killed in Afghanistan Saturday.

According to the Department of Defense, Petty Officer Second Class Xin Qi, 25, died in combat.

Qi was originally from Cordova, Tennessee, but attended the University of Texas.

The Commanding Officer of Camp Mabry’s Navy Operational Support Center, Lt. Com. Michael Evans, said Qi put his education on hold to volunteer for deployment.

"Petty Officer Qi was a dedicated sailor and an invaluable asset to both his reserve unit and to my staff here at Navy Operational Support Center in Austin," Evans said.

"He always lent his time and excellent corpsman skills to my medical department on drill weekends which directly contributed to Austin's sailors maintaining their medical and dental health at 100 percent, keeping them ready to answer our country's call at a moment's notice," he continued.

Qi was assigned to the medical department of the 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion.

“I, along with the rest of staff and the entire United States Navy Reserve population, mourn the loss of a great corpsman and Navy sailor, Petty Officer Second Class Xin Qi. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family at this difficult time," Evan said.

Funeral and memorial services for Qi are still pending.


Unknown said...

He was in my unit here at Camp Mabry. We are having a ceremony in his honor on feb 6 1300 ath the Navy Operation Support Center. All are welcome.

sdv said...

There will be a ceremony at camp mabry feb 6 1300 at the navy operations center. all are welcomed

Anonymous said...

Those of us stationed at the Bureau of Medicine & Surgery also mourn this tremendous loss. His funeral will be this afternoon at Arlington and many of us will be in attendance to pay our respects and represent those who cannot attend.

P.A. Gutierrez said...

HM2 Xin Qi was laid to rest with full military honors in Arlington National Cemetary on 2/2/2010. I was unable to attend the ceremony, but have been blessed to have been his colleague and short-term supervisor during his pre-deployment phase. He was a trusted and honorable sailor who shall be missed.

Subvet said...

Steven, thanks for that information.

SDV, thank you.

Anonymous, he and his shipmates are in my prayers.

P.A. Gutierrez, thanks for your comment.

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