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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Crucifix compared to swastika...

... proving that anyone who figures Texas is the "buckle of the Bible Belt" has another think coming;

MESQUITE, Texas - Joe Mitchell says all he wanted to do was make crosses as gifts for friends when he signed up for a ceramics class at Eastfield Community College in Mesquite.

Instead, he says, the ceramics instructor compared the crucifix to a swastika in trying to explain why crosses were not permitted.

“I felt humiliated and that my spirituality was being demeaned,” said Mitchell, a retired Dallas resident and student at the public college. “The whole point of art is to express who you are.”

Mitchell says he was told on several occasions by instructors and administrative staff that he could not make ceramic crosses, concluding with an ultimatum ban on crosses this fall.

“Unfortunately, not everyone has the Christmas spirit or even a basic understanding of religious freedom,” said Kelly Shackelford, chief counsel of Liberty Legal Institute. “The government cannot ban crosses and religious symbols.”

Shakelford says college officials are not only banning crosses, but menorahs and other religious items from the class.

In response, the institute sent a demand letter on Tuesday on behalf of Mitchell, alleging the school has committed an unconstitutional attack on religious expression in the classroom.

Eastfield Community College officials issued a statement saying it's legal council will review the schools policy and language, quote:

"Eastfield College's current ceramics policy tells students that they should not use symbols, icons or other "cookie cutter" images. The purpose of those references is to compel students to create original works that express their artistic perspectives through projects assigned by instructors. The college has never intended to circumvent expressions of religious or artistic freedom or violate any laws with regard to religious freedom. "

"...compared the crucifix to a swastika..." Now there is quite the comparison. Not the sort of thing you expect to hear, especially when so many of the inhabitants are first generation Latino types. Since I live about thirty miles from this town I can claim to know whereof I speak.

Don't go thinking Texas is a bastion of liberty in the sea of liberalism. To tell the truth, I've seen and heard of things here that would have never happened in the state of Connecticut when I lived there.

Maybe I'll move to Idaho next.


Adrienne said...

NORTHIdaho - they're crazy in South Idaho. We still outnumber the Californians moving here...

sig94 said...

It's leaking crazy people. Used to be, they were all in one place and counted three times a day..

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