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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Homosexual "rights" vs. Freedom of religion...

Found this at United Families International, the article is copied & pasted in it's entirety;

Yesterday, we sent out an alert on the threat from the “homosexual rights “movement to your religious liberties. Yet, LGBT activists continue to deny the conflict between these two contradictory rights and even well-meaning advocates of the family doubt that the threat truly exists.

In order to reiterate that homosexual rights can and do impose upon the religious liberty of those who morally oppose homosexuality, we’ve gathered here some examples of people have already lost their freedom of religion to the rights of LGBT activists.

In 2007, soon after same-sex civil unions were legalized in New Jersey, a United Methodist Church group, Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, was sued for discrimination after refusing to host two same- sex civil unions at a beachside pavilion it owned. The city granted the suit, stripped Ocean Grove of its non-profit status and billed the group $20,000.

Two different Boy Scouts of America groups were denied use of public facilities in California for refusing to alter their policy against allowing homosexual men to participate in the organization. Meanwhile, the city of Philadelphia revoked the Boy Scouts $1 a year lease for a city building for the same reason.

Catholic Charities in Massachusetts pulled out of the adoption business in 2006, after it refused to offer adoption services to same-sex couples as Massachusetts law requires. Similarly, an internet adoption service, Adoption Profiles, was pushed out of doing business in California after the religious owners refused to consider the application of a same-sex couple.

A photography company in New Mexico was also sued for refusing to provide services to same-sex couples due to religious beliefs. A same-sex couple in Albuquerque sued when photographer Elaine Huguenin refused to shoot their commitment ceremony. The New Mexico Human Rights Commission found her guilty of discrimination and ordered her to pay the couple’s $6,600 legal fees.

In 2001, New York state courts ruled against the Orthodox Jewish university, Yeshiva University, in a same-sex discrimination case. The university refused to provide housing for same-sex couples in its married dormitory and the court ruled such a ban violated the state’s ban on sexual orientation discrimination. The university now allows all couples to live in the dorms.

These are just the cases in the U.S. Similar lawsuits against individuals, businesses and organizations refusing to provide services to LGBT individuals or couples can be found across the globe. As we said in this week’s alert, this is not a scare tactic, but a very real threat to your religious freedom.

The hell of it is, there are too many people who would read these examples and find nothing more than the successful response of society against homophobia. In just a few decades homosexuality has moved from the fringes of society into the mainstream where it's now accepted by many as just another normal preference.

Sorry, that doesn't fly. If it was "normal" then why is the AIDS virus overwhelmingly associated with sexual acts preferred by homosexuals? Even in Africa, where it's touted as a "heterosexual" disease, the major method of transmission is aberrant sexual behavior.

I could also mention high rates of substance abuse, suicide, etc. found in the gay community. These all get swept under the rug or blamed on the attitude of society at large. Au contraire, the examples cited by this article alone show that gays are favorably viewed by a large portion of society.

Traditional religious believers, not so much.

Wonder if we've caught up to Sodom & Gomorrah yet in levels of perversion?

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VSO said...

We called this long ago. This is just the beginning. The only "gay" rights are Aids and Hell.

The also have the right to remain in silence, but they never do.

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