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Friday, October 09, 2009

Montana loves gays, hates children.

HELENA, Montana, October 7, 2009 ( - Montana's highest court has ruled that a married woman must give up full custody of her adopted children to a former lesbian lover who sued for parental rights.

Barbara Maniaci, the adoptive mother of a 9-year-old boy and a 6-year-old girl, ended her ten-year relationship with Michelle Kulstad in 2006. Maniaci adopted the boy in 2001, and the girl in 2004, as the sole legal guardian. (Sole legal guardian? So Kulstad evidently wasn't too interested in parenting at the time?) In the year following the breakup, Kulstad began fighting for joint custody with Maniaci, who is now raising the children with her husband. (Sounds like Kulstad has a vendetta against Maniaci and will carry it out via the children.)

On Tuesday, Montana's Supreme Court ruled 6-1 to uphold a Missoula County District Court ruling last year granting joint custody to Kulstad. The case was Montana's first regarding parental rights in a same-sex relationship. (Ridiculous.)

"I want what every parent wants," said Kulstad at a news conference outside the Supreme Court Tuesday. "I want to love my children and care for them. I am looking forward to being in their lives for the rest of my life, to see them graduate from high school, get married and have children of their own."

In his published opinion, Justice James Nelson equated the dispute to discrimination against homosexuals.

"Naming it for the evil it is, discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation is an expression of bigotry," he wrote. "Lesbian and gay Montanans must not be forced to fight to marry, to raise their children and to live with the same dignity that is accorded heterosexuals." (Wonder what might be next? Maybe we'll see court cases arguing for the rights of polygamists, practitioners of bestiality?)

It is uncertain whether Maniaci's lawyers will appeal the decision in the U.S. Supreme Court. (We can only hope.)

Critics of the ruling say the court imperiled parents' rights to raise their own children for the sake of advancing the homosexual agenda. Dissenting Justice Jim Rice wrote that "The Court's decision will open a Pandora's Box of potential attacks upon the right of fit and capable parents to raise their own children." (Amen.)

Jeff Laszloffy, president of the Montana Family Foundation, called the court's decision "egregious."

"Basically, what the court did in this decision is said that no longer does a parent have to be declared unfit for a third party non-parent to be able to abridge the natural parents' rights and authorities over that child," Laszloffy told (LSN). "Now you just have to prove that that child has a psychological connection to you. And you can apply for, fight for, sue for parental rights and it's a crapshoot, you might get them, you might not."

While Laszloffy said he believed the issue of homosexual "rights" was not the original impetus behind the case, he noted, "I'm sure that the Montana Supreme Court is always looking for cases to push the homosexual agenda." (Damn the kids if there's an opportunity to affirm a court's PC orientation. Got it.)

Attorney Matt McReynolds with the Pacific Justice Institute, which filed an amicus brief in the case, agreed.

"It actually seems like the plaintiff was favored in this case just because she was a lesbian," Reynolds told LSN. "It's fairly shocking how the Court wouldn't allow this person who had left the lesbian lifestyle to be freed from it - her and her children.

"It's very disturbing that someone who wants to get out of this lifestyle can still be trapped in it for years to come ... by someone who has no legal or adoptive relationship with the children."

Last month, a Virginia woman caught in a custody battle with her former lesbian lover refused to follow a court mandate ordering her to hand over her seven-year-old daughter for a visitation.

Lisa Miller said that the judge threatened to transfer custody if she did not hand over daughter Isabella to Janet Jenkins, with whom Miller raised the child before left the lesbian lifestyle years ago. Miller has steadfastly refused to allow the visitations since January 2008, saying Isabella spoke of suicide following one such visit, and complained that Jenkins forced her to bathe naked with her. (Again, the mindset seems to be centered around the "rights" of a homosexual and the overall well being of a child disregarded.)

I've no idea of how it plays out for those having joint legal custody. But citing personal experience, if a parent has "reasonable rights of visitation" with a child and the custodial parent chooses to move a few thousand miles away there is zippo to stop that from happening. The noncustodial parent only needs to be told, "You can stop by anytime and see little Johnny & Susie". That's enough to satisfy the court (in my case a Connecticut court.) that your visitation rights are intact.

Try seeing your kid under those conditions. Let me know how it works out for ya.

Wonder if the former lesbian and her husband could do something similar? Probably not, too politically incorrect.


Adrienne said...

And what about the children. Can you imagine being a kid caught in the middle of this mess? It's bad enough when normal husband/wives divorce - but this? Horrible! The children will suffer.

Gay people should NEVER be allowed to adopt. It is sick!

Joe of St. Thérèse said...

The western half (Helena) is filled with former Californians, and is way liberal...I'm going to the eastern half of the state which is pretty conservative

Unknown said...

It is time for our society to step up to the plate and take a major league swing at stopping this nonsense.

ABNPOPPA said...

Is Montana any where close to San Fransico? It must be 'cause only Judges from there would make such a stupid ruling. I'm like Adrienne, where is the "right" of the children?


VSO said...

Re-friggin'-diculous. This is why sodomy is an abomination. HOW IS THIS GOOD FOR CHILDREN?!

Most Rev. Gregori said...

I hate to say this because it is "Unchristian", but when the revolution starts, maybe we should make the rounding up of homos and lesbians one of our priorities. They could then be charged with the "corruption of the morals of our children."

Jack said...

hear,hear Rvd Gregori, perahps we can persuade the Russians (they still retain some form of sanity regarding sodamites over there) to lend us a Hind D to make the job less messy

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

What should we expect from a state that keeps electing Max Bacus to the senate.

reddog said...

Apparently, the reason Maniaci had sole custody is that Montana law doesn't allow same sex partners joint adoption. After unlesbianizing herself, she refused to let Kulstad have anything to do with the kids.

Sounds like a typical accrimonious divorce situation to me. Why treat it any different? Maybe now Kulstad will bear equal financial responsibility for child rearing.

Sounds like a good deal for Maniaci.

Subvet said...

"Sounds like a typical accrimonious divorce situation to me. Why treat it any different? "

Because the practice of homosexual acts is plain evil. Therefore the former lesbian probably wants to shelter her kids from that. Doubt you'll agree but thats where it's at.

JC said...

I'm confused... I thought Catholics were supposed to be the most compassionate, loving, and well-informed people of God. These comments illustrate that some of you are not following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ. Maybe you could think about your words again, sleep on them, and then ask yourself whether Jesus would say these hateful things about gay, straight, or whatever kinds of people are out there. These people are just trying to live their lives through a painful situation in the public eye. I know a lot of gay people who are better servants of God than their straight counterparts, so before you "throw the first stone", think about your actions and how you represent your Father in Heaven. Would he be proud of you? God is love. God is compassion. God is mercy. Try to have a little bit if compassion and mercy for these people and other gays and lesbians. If being gay is their only sin, but you commit sins of hateful words and actions, who is worse? A gay Christian who is loving, caring, kind, and faithful is better than a straight Christian who uses his faith as a springboard to judge and hate others. Make your Father proud by representing him well in your own actions, so that a non-believer might come along and say, "I want to be like YOU."

Subvet said...

JC, being gay isn't a sin. Committing homosexual acts is. Does that sound unfair? Does it sound like anyone with strong attractions to members of the same sex will get shortchanged in the love department?

Guess what, life is unfair. Always good but never fair.

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