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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Yes Virginia, physicians DO need a conscience clause

The shape of things to come? Found this via;

SAN DIEGO (AP) - A California woman has settled a lawsuit against her former doctors who denied her artificial insemination based on her sexual orientation.

Guadalupe Benitez and spouse Joanne Clark sued doctors at North Coast Women's Medical Group in Vista for discrimination in 2001. California's highest court last year barred the Christian doctors from invoking religious beliefs, ruling state law prohibiting sexual orientation discrimination extends to the medical profession. (So you can forget about your beliefs doc, they're trumped by some pervert's "rights")

Benitez's attorneys released a joint statement by the two sides Tuesday. It says they settled the case for an undisclosed sum of money. The doctors say they want gays and lesbians to feel welcome in their practice. (CYA, very understandable in this instance.)

One of the doctors referred Benitez to another fertility specialist and she gave birth to three children. (I feel sorry for the kids. IVF is playing God and often with disasterous effects. Check out the high incidence of birth defects among IVF kids. To top that off, their home life isn't exactly a Norman Rockwell portrait.)


MightyMom said...

that's such bullshit.

a doctor can refuse to treat any patient for any long as they provide them with an alternative means of getting the care.

I got dumped from an OB a few years back cuz they stopped taking my insurance...they offered me recommendations of others on the plan but wouldn't see me...even as a cash paying pt.

funny thing never occured to me to sue them.

Harry said...

Had the doctors been Muslims, the case never even would have gone to court.

reddog said...

I have a friend that did L&D for twenty years. She refused to call in the C section crew as ordered and while the doctor was on the phone complaining about it to the house supervisor (me), then several of my superiors, she delivered the patient vaginally of a normal, healthy, full term baby.

No disciplinary action was ever taken against her. She was fired the next day and has never been able to work L&D again.

The doctor lost his license several years later for vegging a young girl during a hysteroscopy, which she probably didn't even need. He pumped several liters of sterile water (a hypotonic solution)into her uterus and fluid overload put her into respiratory failure. Stupid bastard didn't even notice that it wasn't normal saline. He shoulda gone to jail. Pillar of his church. They stood by him all the way. I hear he got a license to practice in Indiana right away. I guess some town needed an OB/Gyn pretty bad.

Nurse went back to school and got an NP. She works at a reproductive health clinic now. Pap smears, STDs, contraception, prenatal care, that kind of stuff. She likes it OK. It's funded in part by Planned Parenthood. Yep, they do abortion referrals too. Everybody gets all their options explored. Great nurse.

Still a free country, so far but where's her right of concientius objection.

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