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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Waiting for Hell to freeze also...

I'm sure B.O. and Co. will be coming out with a statement condemning this crime at any time now. Sure they will.

Wanna buy some waterfront property in Florida? We can meet at low tide and I'll show it to you.

OWOSSO, Michigan, September 11, 2009 ( - 33-year-old Harland James Drake has been charged with first-degree premeditated murder of pro-life veteran Jim Pouillon this morning as he carried a pro-life sign in front of a local high school, reports local news station WILX-TV.

Prosecutors said Drake told them he targeted Pouillon because of his pro-life activities.

“There was some displeasure with how open he was,” said Sara Edwards, Shiawassee County chief assistant prosecutor Sara Edwards, according to a New York Times report. “He tended to carry big signs with very graphic pictures of fetuses.”

Drake has also been charged with first-degree premeditated murder against Owosso business owner Mike Fuoss, felony firearm, and carrying a weapon with unlawful intent.

Police say Drake told them he was planning to kill a third individual, Owosso realtor James Howe, before he was apprehended.

Local news reports say Drake will return to court for a preliminary hearing on September 25th, and remains in custody without bond.


Mike Golch said...

there are times that i wish they would use that cruel called an electric chair,let these scum die a painful death as did the victims!!
Oh I forgot they do not count.

aaroncrowe said...

I know we are going crazy protesting against Abortions; however, have we lost the reason why abortions are being considered???? It’s called “Relations” and most of these are out of marriage…this is what we need to be discussing in order to stop putting the band aid on abortions…then we will see less of them taking place…Please, let’s talk more about Abstinence…

Subvet said...

Mike, amen to that.

aaroncrowe, plenty of married folks getting abortions also. It's an evil, barbaric practice no matter what the marital state of the parents.

sig94 said...

It is a sin problem that afflicts our nation. We see more and more people who are doing what is right in their own eyes and ignoring God's commandments completely. When confronted with their crimes they are not only unrepentant, they are proud of what they did.

Subvet said...

Sig94, you might want to read my post for Sunday also. In many ways we seem to think alike.

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THIS is depressing!!
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