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Friday, September 04, 2009

It ain't health food...

Found this at the Fox News website via;

Deep fried butter is among eight creative food items by vendors at this year's State Fair of Texas in Dallas.

Fair officials say a Labor Day cookoff will determine the winner of the Big Tex Choice Awards.

Deep fried butter is served by Abel Gonzales and it can be ordered in several different flavors: sweet cream, cherry or garlic, KSBY-TV reported.

"It's like, 'Butter?' I mean, everybody is like, 'What? Ohhh!' That's usually the first reaction until they try it and then they see that it's not what they're thinking," Gonzales told the TV station. "I'm not actually taking a big chunk of butter and putting it in a fryer, that would be kinda gross."

Gonzales' stand also serves fried Coke, peanut butter, jelly and banana sandwiches and fried cookie dough.

Other offerings for the annual expo include green goblins, twisted yam on a stick, deep fried peaches and cream, fried pecan pie, country fried pork chops, sweet jalapeno corn dog shrimp and fried peanut butter cup macaroons.

The State Fair of Texas runs Sept. 25 through Oct. 18.

I can hear my arteries hardening.



Unknown said...

As you listen to your arteries harden, I'm listening to my tummy gurgling! Fried butter? Hubster would love it, AM? not so much!
Happy Saturday!

MightyMom said...

I wanna try some of those!!

Amy said...

I'll be there almost every day of the fair (we do the pre-employment and random drug testing for the fair). I really hate having to buy coupons to get the food though. There's a great place that usually sets up on the midway that has some yummy chocolate covered strawberries. So very good!

I love fair food!

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