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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Teaching the children well...

...Or not. Found this via

June 24, 7:27 AM · Jake Jones - Evangelical Examiner

In the town of Big Bear Lake, CA, family advocates are crying foul over recent comments by a school superintendent who derided parents seeking to opt students out of a presentation orchestrated by the ACLU and the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

The school assembly (presentation) was prompted by an incident last November when high school authorities asked a student to change her tie-dyed shirt that read "Prop 8 Equals Hate." After the ACLU threatened the school district, the Superintendent agreed to force high school students and teachers to attend a forum about student speech and "nondiscrimination." The ACLU then apparently enlisted the Anti-Defamation League to speak at the forum.

In an e-mail to attorneys at the ACLU, the Superintendent of Bear Valley Unified School District, Carole Ferraud, sought help to prevent a parent from opting his student out of a school assembly discussing, somewhat ironically, student free speech and name-calling. The ADL school assembly discussed a "Pyramid of Hate" that pointed to "non-inclusive language" as a precursor to genocide (I'd love to find how they tie that in, bet it requires a fair amount of mental gymnastics). The assembly also pushed acceptance of controversial hate crimes laws and other "anti-bias" efforts seen by many parents as a politically-correct cover for promotion of alternative lifestyles, especially homosexuality. (Ya think?)

Superintendent Ferraud complained to the ACLU, "I have a parent who wants to opt his student out of the presentation. We explained that parents can only opt their children out of sex education and he is asking to see that in writing. Ugh .. small minds!" (So small that as taxpayers they feel justified in getting their money's worth from you clowns? Maybe they feel more qualified to raise THEIR children than to have you do it.)

The e-mail was unearthed by the Pacific Justice Institute as part of an ongoing investigation. PJI staff attorney Karen Milam, who heads PJI's Southern California office, commented,

"It's telling that school officials cozy with the ACLU preach tolerance for certain politically-correct groups but slam parents with religious or moral convictions. If free speech means anything, it is the right to dissent from government indoctrination. It sounds like school officials - not students - need a lesson in respect."

For those who are interested the web page for this school district is;

Once you get on it you can scroll down for contact information. Just a thought for those wishing to express their opinions.

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Most Rev. Gregori said...

Perhaps it is time for parents to march en mass on their local school boards and tar and feather all of the school board members.

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