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Monday, June 29, 2009

Sebelius: Lying or just stupid...

Washington, DC ( -- President Barack Obama's health secretary claimed in a weekend interview that a government health care plan wouldn't include rationing. That a governmental health care plan could lead to euthanasia and assisted suicide is one of the top concerns of pro-life advocates.

Kathleen Sebelius, the pro-abortion former Kansas governor who now heads the Health and Human Services Department, made the claims on Fox News Sunday.

“I don't think there’s anything about the public option that would ration care," she said. (She is either lying or incredibly stupid. If the government has enough money for ten appendectomies and eleven people need one just what in Hell do you think will happen? Check out the EU if you don't believe it. I've a cousin who lives in Ireland, he needed a routine procedure performed just like his neighbor "Paddy" across the street. Paddy went via the government and waited six months, my cousin had his own insurance and waited two weeks.)

She deflected concerns about the Congressional plans by saying that health care is already rationed, though the three plans in Congress could make matters worse.

"Unfortunately care is being rationed each and everyday right now. Often private insurance companies stand between a patient and a doctor deciding what treatment can be provided,” she told Fox News. “We also have a situation where a lot of people are told that they can't have insurance because they have a preexisting condition.” (The old stereotype about using the emergency room is true. I know from dating a welfare queen twenty years ago, that was how she got by. Didn't feel she needed a job, she was a lifetime student. All on the taxpayer's dime.)

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, on the same Fox program, rebutted Sebelius' remarks and focused on the cost of the program in terms of how it could ration care.

“What they really have in mind, Bret, is to create a government-run plan after which there won't be any private insurance companies,” he said.

“When you get to the question of paying for it, it appears as if they want to pay for it on the backs of seniors through Medicare cuts and raising taxes. (Wait for the big push for euthanasia, it's coming.) All of this in an effort to have a massive takeover of [16 percent] of our economy -- it strikes us that a better way to go is to deal with the equalization in the tax code," he said.

Members of the Senate have already dealt with the rationing issue and heightened the concerns for pro-life advocates.

The Senate HELP Committee, last week, defeated a pro-life amendment that would help stop the rationing of health care in the Kennedy restructuring bill. The amendment concerned the section on comparative effectiveness research, which pro-life advocates say prompt euthanasia concerns.

Critics say the section would allow the government to create an arbitrary means to determining when medical treatments are allowed or could receive government funding.

Sen. Mike Enzi, a Wyoming Republican, sponsored a pair of amendments to curb the problem but they were defeated during the HELP Committee markup of the Kennedy bill by a party-line vote.

"President Obama promised that under his health reform proposal, every American who had coverage that they liked could keep it. This bill fails to deliver on that promise," Enzi said.

Enzi said the provisions in the bill "provide the government with an unprecedented role in the doctor-patient relationship. Government bureaucracy will end up dictating the treatment that we can and cannot have, and the result will be a delay and a denial of health care services." (Anyone who ever dealt with the old CHAMPUS system of the military knows what he's talking about. A four-star flaming nightmare.)

Bottom line, this woman saying, "Trust me!"

My fat butt!

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Mike in CT said...

This is just an attempt to codify and push over the edge what they've been trying to do for years. Step one: offer government health care at one tenth the premium and see people flock to it. Then watch the private insurance flail to catch up, which it can't, so they go out of business, consolidate. When the government (so far benign) then has total control, what option is there if it no longer serves you?

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