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Friday, June 12, 2009

Coming out at NASA...

Greenbelt, Md., Jun 12, 2009 / 06:30 am (CNA).- The Acting Administrator of NASA and the Equal Opportunity Programs Office at Goddard Space Flight Center have encouraged agency employees to take part in “LGBT Pride Month,” leading to criticism that the action takes the space agency “completely off-mission” and promotes homosexual activism.

An announcement posted at the website of Goddard Space Flight Center’s Equal Opportunity Programs Office began by referencing President Bill Clinton’s 1999 declaration of June as “Gay and Lesbian Pride Month.” The announcement said the first “Gay Pride parade” was held on June 28, 1970 on the first anniversary of the “Stonewall Rebellion.” (Wonder what happens to anyone known to oppose homosexuality due to religious convictions. Example: A cube ape has the Book of Mormon on their desk for reading during lunch hour. No problem right? It's only religious bigots that display animosity towards anyone. Noted.)

The Stonewall event marked a New York City riot in which patrons of a gay bar resisted police who were attempting to enforce liquor laws at a Greenwich Village inn.

A contemporary New York Times report characterized the patrons as going on a “rampage” and said four policemen were injured in the initial violence. (Hey, they're just cops right?)

The NASA announcement characterized the police as “harassing and arresting gay and transgendered persons.” (They know this how, from accounts given at the time by drunken queers?)

“The patrons fought back in a protest that lasted for the next three days,” the announcement continued. “For many gays and lesbians, this protest marks the first organized effort in the United States by gays and lesbians to openly gain equality under the law, and gave birth to the modern gay civil rights movement.”

“During Gay and Lesbian Pride Month, we focus on our efforts to embrace acceptance and welcome diversity in communities regardless of sexual orientation. Gay and lesbian groups celebrate this special time with pride parades, picnics, parties, memorials for those lost from HIV and AIDS, and other group gathering events that attract thousands upon thousands of individuals.” (What a puff piece!)

The announcement then described “symbols of LGBT pride” and referred employees to internal sites for more information.

Christopher J. Scolese, Acting Administrator for NASA, also mentioned the Stonewall riots in a message about “Lesbian Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride Month” sent out to agency employees. He characterized the “celebration” of LGBT Pride as a commemoration of the riots, which he said were an act of “rejecting discrimination and standing up for the American values of fairness and equality.” (NASA needs to do this because......?)

“This month-long observance gives all of us an opportunity to appreciate the accomplishments of LGBT Americans and celebrate the many contributions members of the LGBT community make daily to the fabric of American life,” Scolese continued. (Yeah, right. I guess "Queer Eye For The Straight Guy" DID help us all develop our fashion sense!)

He mentioned “LGBT people” such as Todd Hawley, co-founder of the International Space University, and atmospheric scientist James Pollack.

Scolese encouraged employees to take part in “LGBT Pride Month” activities planned at their NASA center or to organize an activity if there is no planned event. (Why am I reminded of the "spontaneous parades" often found in totalitarian countries? You know the parades I'm talking about, the ones where attendance is mandatory and it better be enthusiasitic or else!)

“Take time to learn about the contributions of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans, and celebrate the diversity that has helped shape and strengthen NASA and our nation,” his statement closed.

John Stemberger, president of the Florida Family Policy Council, said Scolese’s announcement was “stunning” and charged that it promoted activities which “‘celebrate’ aberrant forms of sexual conduct.” He called the action “completely off-mission” and counterproductive to the best interests of children, families and “the common good of society.” (Amen to that.)

“NASA's work is critical, exacting and if not done properly, life threatening. With all the challenges, and tragedies that NASA has had in its past, it is unconscionable that its administrator would promote this type of a distraction and internally divisive social activism.”

He said the action breeds “bad internal morale” and disrespects the consciences of “tens of thousands, if not the vast majority, of NASA’s own 300,000 employees” who object to “the promotion of sexual activism.”

“Promotions of specific sexual orientations over others clearly is outside of NASA's mission and is being paid for by taxpayers’ dollars,” Stemberger said. “NASA should be for advancing scientific space research objectives, not engaging in homosexual activism.” (Pink rockets?)

I often say that the present Administration isn't the problem, it's our culture in general. Five gets you ten this guy is on independent ops with no prodding from any of B.O. 's cronies. We as a nation have a very long way to go to reclaim our morals.


sig94 said...

Let's see. Ground shaking, ear shattering rocket launches and a month long celebration of ass-banging and carpet munching.

Nope, no problem.

The next NASA moon shot will be via a gigantic solid propellant latex strap on.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

NASA would be better off if they just launched all sexual deviants into outer space and then opened the air locks.

Maybe the fags could form a "Daisy Chain" as they drifted off into the vacuum of outer space.

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