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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Where in hell are we going?

The government is flat out of control.

Yeah, there are probably a few regular visitors to this blog thinking, "DUH!! The cranky bubblehead finally gets it." Okay guys, point for you and a lesson learned for me.

But there are more than a few indicators out there. For starters, remember the Homeland Security notice that went out to all law enforcement agencies. The one mentioned here that referenced this POS. I really don't like it when I'm placed in the company of real terrorists. That was retracted PDQ but since then it's come to light the folks at Homeland Security (that term is becoming downright Orwellian) had preceded it with a "dictionary" on terrorists that included many of the same groups.

There was also this article that I blogged about. Sorry Charlie, I don't like intrusion by Big Brother anywhere in my life.

I'd also mentioned how the local fishwrap wasn't keeping folks like myself too well informed. For that reason I've cancelled the subscription. It's a major newspaper, owned by a company controlling several MSM entities. So the truth isn't getting out there the way it should.

Then I found this little gem yesterday over at Always On Watch. I recommend taking a gander;

Now what gets my attention is that these folks really don't fit the stereotype of radical, foam-at-the-mouth rightwingers. They're running an organic food coop for crying out loud. Maybe the homeschooling of the children is an indication of rightwing extremism, I dunno. But listening to them I get the impression of fairly well grounded, slightly liberal folk.

Finally, this beauty surfaced on Drudge;

Maybe the kid is guilty as sin, I dunno. But when it takes a massive amount of police to bust a 120 lb. teen I'd say there is something definetly wrong. FWIW, until now I'd always believed concerns about the Patriot Act were groundless. Not anymore.

I guess it's time to start planning for a possible armed revolt against the government. Thats all I can see. Maybe it's time for me to shop for a tinfoil hat too. But when this sort of crap goes on (and truthfully, the linked stories just skim the surface of what any one of us COULD blog about) it's time to take a very long look at where we're at and where we just might be heading.


Amy said...

I've been afraid since Owhatshisname was elected. Too many of our rights are being taken away piece by piece. All for our "own good" or the "safety of the country".

I just keep reminding myself that he's alienated so many voters with his decisions and lies that with any luck (and from my mouth to God's hands) he will only be a 1 term president. Or so I pray.

sig94 said...

Be real careful about mentioning anything about an armed revolt. Real careful. I truly believe that the gubmint is taking names.

sonarman said...

I don't think we have to go that far. Much can be won at the ballot box before we have to resort to the ammo box.

Robert Welch said "We do not have to be too late, and we do not have to lose the fight... We have many layers of strength not yet rotted by all of the infiltration and political sabotage to which we have been subjected. Our danger is both immense and imminent; but it is not beyond the possibility of being overcome by the resistance that is still available."We have be informed, vigilant, and pro-active. We must spread the word, and create sufficient understanding in order to wake those who are sleeping into action. We have to keep on top of what our congressmen are doing. We have to write letters/emails to him and to the editor of our local papers.

We have to read and study the Declaration, the Constitution, and other founding documents, so we can speak from a position of knowledge. We have to know our history.

This is a tough battle ahead of us, but I believe we can win if just a small number of us do our part. It doesn't take a crowd, just an organized few. Remember that it took only 56 men to change the world forever.

Subvet said...

Amy, two months ago I'd have bet the farm he'd only be a one term President. In all fairness, it's way too early to make bets one way or the other. Having said that, after seeing how much in the tank the MSM is for the guy, I'm not so certain anymore.

Sig94, point made and taken. Thanks.

Sonarman, all you say is true AS LONG AS we have an impartial media. Right now I believe it's the bloggers that are doing the job right. Let the Feds start regulating them and we'll be fed bullshit 24/7 from all sources.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

Welcome to the real world. Obamass is moving at such a rapid pace toward controlling everything and everyone that I don't think (as I have stated many times before) we even have four years.

Sonarman: I hate to disagree with your assessment, that we can still win at the ballot box. The reason I disagree is that both parties seem to be morphing into one. Even if the Republicans were to win in four years, who ever the president is will just continue on with what ever Obama has started.

The plans for the Patriot Act and Department of Homeland Security were all laid down during the Clinton administration and G.W. Bush just carried on and instituted them, so who ever wins in four years will do likewise with Obama's programs. I have lived long enough to see this happen over and over again. So the way I see it, the only way to get the government to pay attention is through an armed revolt. I know it sounds drastic, but desperate times require drastic action.

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